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15 bra accessories you should know

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With women’s increasing demands and demands on bras in life, various bra accessories have gradually appeared. These bra accessories can help you extend the use of bras, adapt to the clothing needs of various occasions, and greatly facilitate your daily life. And what are these accessories? What do they do? You can find the answer here.

1. Invisible Bra Strap

 Invisible bra strap

Daily bras can ruin your whole body when wearing off-the-shoulder clothes. You can change the straps of the bras to invisible bra straps, making the straps almost invisible under the clothes. The invisible bra strap can be used with a bra with a detachable shoulder strap, you only need to attach the hook of the strap to the bra by removing the invisible bra strap. But the invisible bra strap is just less noticeable compared to the colored bra strap, and it is not completely invisible like its name.

2. Bra Cleaning Kit

 Invisible bra strap

Bra cleaning kits are a necessity and protect the bra on women’s lives. This cylindrical bag is supported by a tough plastic basket, which can prevent the bra from being deformed by being squeezed and collided by other clothes when the washing machine is being washed by force. The safety chain buckle can put the bra in the bag and avoid the buckle of the bra. And the steel tray damage other clothes, while cleaning the mesh on the surface of the bag to ensure that the cleaning agent and water can enter the bra for cleaning.

3. Bra Travel Case

 Bra travel case

There is nothing worse than removing the bra when traveling and then discovering that it is crushed and deformed. Once the bra is severely sunken, it will cause permanent creases and become unusable. The shape of the bra suitcase is the same as that of the bra, which can provide support space around the bra, avoiding the deformation of the bra when it is squeezed during the journey, so you can safely put the bra in the suitcase without creasing.

4. Bra Back Extender

 Bra Back Extender

Although bras are very important for women, in fact, we can’t guarantee that the bra can perfectly fit the size of the breast, especially the cup of the bra is suitable for the size of the breast. Existing hook-eyes increase the number of hooks to add extra width to the back of the bra to make it comfortable. There are many colors and styles of the extender, you can choose the same color as the bra to seamlessly blend with the clothes and not be exposed on the surface.

5. Bra Booster (Bra Liner)

 Bra booster (bra lining)

Bra boosters can quickly enlarge the breast without the need for expensive breast augmentation surgery. Place a bra booster in the cup and place it under the breast to push it up and help fill the breast. If you have a pocket on your bra that adds extra padding to the interior, putting the cushion in your pocket will also prevent it from slipping off. Both foam and silicone can shape the breasts, form deep cleavage, and get a feminine look.

6. Perspiration Bra

Perspiration bra

Does your chest sweat easily? Or live in a hot or humid area and cause a chest rash? You may feel uncomfortable if you put paper towels into the bra to absorb moisture. I recommend you use a sweat-wicking bra. It adds extra fabric under the bra to help absorb sweat. It can reduce the accumulation of moisture in the chest and reduce the risk of rash. Bra sweat-wicking tablets can be firmly fixed under the bra without falling and can be repeatedly washed and used, making everything different in the hot summer.

7. Bra Converter

Bra converter

The bra converter can easily turn a common bra into a top or dress that can be worn in a racing vest without the high cost. When using the converter, loosen the bra strap first, then fasten the clip on the backstrap, and then put the bra on the head; or wrap the bra around the waist and buckle with the clip, and finally, the bra was rotated to pull the straps over the shoulders. The bra converter has various types of choices such as clips, belts, paper clips, etc., choose it according to your preference.

8.Low Waist Conversion Strap

Low waist conversion strap

The low-waist conversion strap extends the strap of the bra, lowering it to the waist, creating the perfect back for open-back dresses and tops. The low waist conversion strap can be adapted to any bra with a back cover. Simply hook the hook on the back cover of the bra, then cross to the front, and finally fix it on the back of the waist to turn the ordinary bra into an open-back bra. However, when choosing a conversion strap, choose an adjustable length strap so that you can adjust the lowness of the back according to the needs of the clothing to ensure a perfect chest and firmness.

10. Corset Extender

Corset Extender

If your longline bra is too tight and panting, a bra expander is a perfect solution. Just connect the hook and eye of the top and bottom of the expander with the hook and eye of the bra to increase the area of the bra and give you a more comfortable feeling. There are elastic bands on the top and bottom of the bra expander so that the elastic band will adjust the elasticity when you move around without feeling tight.


The nipple is usually used to hide the shape of the nipple so that the nipple will not be exposed under light clothing. Avoid using it on ruptured skin when using the cream to avoid damaging the skin again; you need to perform a patch test on the inside of your arm before using the cream to check whether you have a reaction to the adhesive. The smaller size of the pad means that its adhesive lasts less than other adhesive bras, so make sure to use it in areas where you don’t sweat.

12. Bra Tape

Bra Tape

The adhesive tape on both sides of the bra tape is attached with adhesive to bind the skin and clothes and to hold the clothes to prevent the clothes from moving to expose the awkward skin. Before use, stick the tape under the edge of the neckline of the clothes and then apply it to the skin, so that you can ensure that the excess skin will not be exposed. Bra tape is often used when wearing button shirts and dresses that require more skin. Since the tape needs to contact the skin, it is recommended that you choose a patch test before use to ensure that your skin does not appear allergic.

13. Bra Shoulder Pads

Bra shoulder pads

Do your bra straps often slip off? Or does the shoulder strap fall into the shoulder? Bra shoulder pads can help you. Bra shoulder pads are made of silicone or foam material, and they can be placed under the shoulder straps to help secure the slipped shoulder straps and prevent the shoulder straps from bleeding on the shoulders. When using the shoulder pad, first loosen the shoulder strap, then put the shoulder pad in the correct position, then tighten the shoulder strap but do not mark the shoulder.

14.Invisible Bra

Invisible bras come in silicone and fabric types, and similarly, their internal test will have adhesives to help fit the skin. The back of this invisible bra is cut off, and it is mainly fixed by the adhesive part. Although it can not be made into breasts like ordinary underwear, it can help you to close the breasts and increase charming cleavage. The invisible bra can be used when wearing a strapless dress or open-backed clothes to give you the best look.

15. Underwear Detergent

Underwear detergent

If you use a very expensive bra, you will find that ordinary cleaners are too rough and can damage the elastic fibers of the bra, and even leave marks on the surface of the bra. An excellent cleaner specifically for cleaning underwear reduces the damage. Underwear cleaners can help you protect your bra, avoid the chemicals of ordinary cleaners from damaging the bra’s fibers, and remove stubborn stains to extend the life of your bra.