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31 Types of Woman Bras



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How many times have you been getting ready to go out and select an outfit, only to find that you didn’t have the right bra to match? Or, more pertinently, you didn’t know what type of bra would go best with the outfit.

If you go into a shop to buy a new bra, you will be confronted with a massive range of bras to buy with no real indicator of what they are all for. Have you ever wondered why there are so many types of bra and what kind of outfits they match best with? Well, wonder no longer, today we are going to give you the lowdown on a range of different bra styles. We will provide you with the information that will allow you to decide on the best bra types and styles for you to wear with different outfits. We will even look at the different kinds of the bra cup. So sit down and relax while you finally have the different types of bras explained for you.

1. Adhesive Bra

An adhesive bra or sticky bra is a type of strapless bra that sticks to your breasts to provide you with the support you need but is invisible under almost any dress whether it be strapless, backless or even frontless. It works well with all breast sizes. The downside to this bra is that it provides less support than other strapless bras so if you like a lot of support then this is not the right bra for you.


2. Demi / Half Bra

A demi bra or half bra is a bra style that is used to create cleavage and lift while covering between half to three-quarters of the breast. The cup is cut quite low right across the bra and can often be mistaken for a push-up bra, but it has more delicate lining and looks much more natural. Many women wear the demi bra style as their everyday bra under a t-shirt, but it is also often used in lingerie as it is perfect for lace detail. The demi bra is perfect for women with smaller breasts as the lift provided helps to accentuate their cleavage, but can be just as good for fuller breasts as long you go for a bra with strong support and underwire.

3. Push-Up Bra

We all recognize the push-up bra type. It is a bra which is designed to create the impression of more cleavage. Push-up bras have angled cups designed to push the breasts upwards and push them together. They often have demi cup types so accentuate the top part of the breasts. Push up bras are commonly used by women with larger breasts that may tend to sag as soft padding under the breasts give them lift and shows of their full cleavage.

4. Backless Bra

If you like wearing skimpier dresses or tops in the summer, then the backless bra is the perfect bra style for you. It is quite flexible and can be worn with all backless and low cut outfits. Like sticky bras, it does not provide a great deal of support, although you can find some specific backless bras that are designed to provide more support for fuller breasts.

5. Halter Bra

Do you like wearing halter tops? Then, the halter bra style is something you should be familiar with. As the name suggests, the halter bra is specifically designed to be worn with a halterneck top that ties behind the neck. This bra style is shaped to the top and is usually strapless or has a halterneck strap. The styles with straps provide more support for the fuller woman.

6. Quarter-cup

Quarter cut bras are very low cut bras that are designed to be worn for more intimate occasions. Their sexy cut is perfect for women with smaller breasts, and they often provide a lift that helps women to show off their bust. It can be difficult for women with larger breasts to find a quarter cup bra in their size. They can be worn with a range of tops, but they come into their own as the night draws to its end.

7. Balconette Bra

A balconette bra is specifically designed to provide lift for your breasts and to improve their appearance, shape and provide a deeper cleavage. They usually have wide set straps and a half cup that covers the nipple, but shows off the some of the breasts. They are perfect for wearing under clothes with a wide neckline or low cut tops. Balconette style bras are a must have for those that want to look sexy and show off a little cleavage. This style of bra is not ideal for those with narrow shoulders as the wide straps can dig in and cause a lot of discomforts.

8. Front Closure Bra

A front closure bra is a bra type that has a clasp at the front instead of at the back. This style is used for a range of bras and makes it easy for you to put the bra on and remove it. If you struggle to reach around to unclasp your bra, then this bra style is definitely for you.

9. Racerback Bra

The racerback bra is a style in which has straps that form a T or Y shape in the middle of the back. These types of bra provide a tremendous amount of support, and most sports bras are designed using this bra style. They are perfect for all shapes and sizes, and every woman should have at least one of these in their closet.

10. Bandeau Bra

A bandeau bra is a slip-on bra usually made of stretchy fabric. They are similar to a strapless bra but have no clasp point as they are pulled on or off over the head. Most bandeau bras have pockets with pads to cover the nipples. This means that they are perfect for wearing with tight body-hugging outfits.

11. Full Support Bra

This is a bra specifically designed for all those women out there who have full natural busts and want support and comfort from their bra. They have a full cup that covers the full breast and provides great shaping for women with bigger breasts.

12. Seamless Bra

Are you fed up with seeing the cup lining of your bra showing through your top? If you are, then you need a seamless bra. This is a bra style that is designed to be completely invisible under clothes. They usually have a molded cup that fits your shape and provides support. There are many styles of seamless bra including sports bras, t-shirt bras and push up bras.

13. Belly Dance

A belly dance bra is very much like it sounds for the extroverts out there. As the name suggests, it is the type of bra worn by belly dancers. Decorated, brightly colored and glitzy. This style of bra is a perfect match for those dance pants you have always wanted to try out.

14. Mastectomy Bra

Mastectomy bras are a style of bra for those who have had a mastectomy and are designed to be worn with prostheses. They are usually extremely comfortable and made from soft material, so they don’t irritate the skin. Increasing numbers of women who have not had surgery have taken to wearing them due to their amazing comfort.

15. Shelf Bra

A shelf bra is very similar to a quarter cup bra. It provides excellent support for the breasts and lifts them while having a limited cup at the front for sexy evening wear.

16. Bralette

Bralettes are fashionable unstructured bras that have become very popular in recent years. Gone are the underwire and pads and here comes the lace and flimsy straps. This type of bra is extremely comfortable, although some people find it can be challenging to find a perfect fit. This bra is perfect for when you are feeling footloose and fancy-free.

17. Maternity Bra

During pregnancy, the body changes daily and maternity bras are designed to support the soon to be the mother and keep her as comfortable as possible. They feature wider straps, soft lining and extra fastening clips to allow the band to be let out to prevent tightness.

18. Soft Cup Bra

Throw away that underwire that has been biting into you and get a soft cup bra. Soft cup bras are a style that is designed to deliver support and comfort without underwire. They tend to be preferred by women with smaller breasts because they do not provide enough support for women with fuller forms.

19. Bridal Bra / Corset

On the big day, many brides want to feel special and what better than a specially designed bra to walk down the aisle in. Bridal bras are sexy, lacy, delicate and intricate. All of the things you would expect from a bra designed to match your wedding dress. This is the main thing, the design of the best bridal bras is based on the dress and the two should complement each other perfectly.

20. Minimizer Bra

There are times that many women would like to understate their breasts and the minimizer style of the bra helps them to do this. They feature special cups which spread the breast tissue more evenly and creates a smaller breast profile.

21. Sports Bra

Sports bras provide women with tremendous levels of support whether they are doing a marathon or simply running to the shops. They are much stronger than other bras and come in different impact levels to match the different types of exercise you might be doing.

22. Built-in Bra

A built-in bra is a bra that is fitted within the outer garment. They are most commonly found in swimsuits and camisoles where there is an inner lining with elastic for support and foam cups or padding around the breasts. This allows you to wear the top without having to worry about a bra underneath.

23. Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are very similar to maternity bra’s and have many of the same features including strong support, comfortable and adjustable. Also, nursing bras have specially designed bra cups that feature flaps so that a mother can breastfeed without having to remove her bra.

24. Strapless Bra

One of the most common styles of bra that most women will own is strapless bras. These bras, which are perfect for wearing with a shoulderless top or dress, have no shoulder straps. Many strapless bras utilize silicone or rubber lining to help to prevent slipping and to give some additional support for fuller breasts.

25. Contour / Molded Cup Bra

Contour or molded cup bras are high structure bras that follow the shape of the body. They usually feature an underwire to provide form as well as support. This style of bra maintains its shape whether worn or not and gives the women a great deal of control over the shape that others see.

26. Padded Bra

If you have ever wished that your breasts were bigger and your bust fuller, then a padded bra is almost the next best thing. This type of bra has padding inside the cups to give you the appearance of a fuller and firmer bust. What more could you ask for?

27. T-shirt Bra

T-shirts bras are probably what most of us end up wearing most of the time. They are designed to be worn under even the tightest fitting t-shirt without showing unwanted bumps or textures. They usually have molded cups and no seams and are one of the most versatile bra styles around. You can wear them with almost anything in the wardrobe.

28. Convertible Bra    

A convertible bra is a versatile bra style that is designed to be worn with or without straps. They give the wearer a great deal of choice in terms of outfits they can wear it with, and some convertible bras have straps that can be work in a range of different ways including across the back and over the shoulder.

29. Plunge Bra

Plunge bras are very popular. They are specifically made to work with tops or dresses with long deep necklines and have a unique cup which complements this plummeting neckline. This style of the bra also accentuated your shape and can suggest that you are a cup size or larger than you are.

30. U-plunge Bra

The U-plunge bar is simply a plunge bra with an even deeper plunge meaning you can wear it with tops that are v-neck or very low cut and appear not to be wearing a bra at all.

31. Underwire Bra

Underwire bras deploy a thin, strong strip of metal wire that sits under the breast line, providing lift and support. Underwire bras can help your posture and help to reduce back pain. They are perfect for women who have larger breasts and can help them to achieve the shape they are looking for. Underwire bras have a reputation as being uncomfortable as the wire can sometimes bite into the skin, but there are many underwire bras available that are extremely comfortable.

And here is an end to our comprehensive review of all of the many different types of bra. We hope that this helps you to decide what bra styles are right for you.

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