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5 best Christmas gifts for yourself

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Christmas is coming, which means that the new year is coming. Are you already or ready to buy Christmas gifts for your friends? But don’t forget to buy yourself a thoughtful gift to celebrate the holiday. Bras have always been the focus of women because they need to buy various types of underwear to match the type of clothing, both to maintain the perfect curve and protect breast health. For female friends who like fitness, suitable sports underwear can enhance the sense of pleasure brought by exercise. Here is a guide on sports underwear to help you choose the right underwear for the best Christmas gift for yourself.

1. high-support racerback sports bra

high-support racerback sports bra

The high-support racerback sports bra has a larger coverage area and better support than ordinary sports underwear, can provide compression on the chest, reduce bouncing of the chest, prevent vibration, and is very friendly to big breasted women. The reason is that the racerback sports bra is equipped with a wide shoulder strap in the back area to allow the shoulders to move freely without restriction; and to increase the coverage area under the chest to prevent the skin of the chest from being exposed during exercise, causing embarrassment. High-support racerback sports bra also have removable pads to increase the shape of the chest and provide support to the chest to maintain the perfect chest shape. High elastic and highly breathable sports bras can quickly absorb moisture and keep cool. Back The cross-shaped design reveals the back skin, which can make you show sexy.

2.Strappy Light-support Sports Bra

Strappy Light-support Sports Bra

The lightweight sports bra is made of nylon fabric with elastic fibers. The bra can maintain its shape as the exercise stretches without deforming the breasts. The bra fits tightly to the skin, and the soft-touch reduces friction caused by exercise. The nylon fabric is dry and breathable, which can absorb moisture from the skin, keep the chest dry and fresh, and reduce the sweltering chest caused by exercise. Light-support sports bra pads are less than 50% heavier than normal sports bra pads. They have the advantage of being lightweight and comfortable and can reduce the discomfort of wearing a bra. The smaller shoulder strap also has high elasticity and is easy to adjust so that the back can be easily twisted without going deep. It is suitable for low-impact fitness exercises such as yoga and jogging.

3.Wireless seamless sports bra

Wireless seamless sports bra

The wireless seamless sports bra is made of two kinds of fabrics, nylon, and spandex, making the fabric soft and elastic, which can fit the chest without any gaps or looseness. Seamless usually means no wires, reducing protruding wires and rough seams to rub sensitive skin; wireless bras are usually compression-type, which compresses the chest to press the breast towards the body, reducing the butterfly-shaped trajectory of the breast To avoid sagging breasts. Sports bras benefit from the tight hem, which can provide effective support for the lower breasts, and the highly elastic fabric fits tightly to the skin, forming a perfect curve to better display the fitness results.

4. Front close built-up sports bra

Front close built-up sports bra

The front close built-up bra is made of professional sportswear fabric, which has the advantages of light-weight, quick-drying, and moisture resistance, and provides breast comfort. It adopts a comprehensive design of front zipper opening and closing and eye with back, which can effectively high compression on the breast and back, which minimize breast bouncing, reduce the impact of high impact sports on the breast, and reduce backpressure. The front close built-up sports bra can withstand high impact and is suitable for strenuous exercises such as running and gym. The bra is also equipped with adjustable straps and back buttons to easily adjust the bra to the most comfortable size, and it can also be worn or removed easily. There are also small holes inside the bra to make it easy to insert or remove the pad.

5. Racerback med impact support sports bra

Racerback med impact support sports bra

Seamless med impact support bra can provide moderate support for yoga, Pilates or weight training. It can maintain the integrity of the chest wall and the shape of the breast during exercise and avoid high-intensity exercise to pull the breast ligaments and skin to cause breast sagging. It is daily multifunctional essentials. The side and back of the bra are designed with sufficient space for movement, which can be stretched in both directions to ensure that the arms and back can move freely and reduce movement restrictions. The bra uses a soft and comfortable mixed fabric, which can absorb moisture and sweat in a timely manner, effectively absorb sweat, and ensure breathability. This bra is available in 6 colors to choose from, and the design is very fashionable and eye-catching and can be worn out even without exercising.

When choosing sports underwear, pay attention to choosing the appropriate size, and it is best to carry out effective measurements. Appropriate sports underwear can ensure that your bouncing and running chest won’t move in any way, ensuring sports comfort. It is best to choose low-impact, medium-impact or high-impact sports underwear according to the intensity of exercise to protect breast health.

Hurry up and take advantage of Christmas discounts to buy yourself a thoughtful and thoughtful gift for the new year’s fitness exercise.



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