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8 bras types for fashion girls must have



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Bras are essential for women’s wardrobes. Although the first thing many women do when they go home is to take off their bras to free their breasts, almost all women wear bras when they go out. With the popularity of various gorgeous backless dresses, V-neck dresses, etc., women who are pursuing fashion will always put on the party for the first time and hope to become the focus. In order to better show these beautiful dresses, they need different bras. Type to deal with these occasions. We collected suggestions from experts and fashion girls and summarized 8 different types of bras to solve the problem of fashion girls’ clothing matching.

1. Underwire gathered bra

Underwire gathered bra

This is the most popular and most purchased bra in daily life. The most important point in choosing this type of bra is fit and comfort. Compared with non-rim bras, under-rim bras have the advantage of being able to bring out and maintain the full breast shape of women. Under-rim bras can provide the most powerful support for breasts to help gather breasts, especially for women with large breasts. Underwire bras can’t help support the weight of the breasts while maintaining full shape and worry. Underwire bras solve this problem well. But the bra must choose the appropriate size to avoid deforming or even bleeding if the size is too small to hold the chest, or the size is not playing the role of supporting the chest. Underwire bras are suitable for everyday clothing such as T-shirts.

2. Strapless bra

Strapless bra

Strapless bras are strapless or detachable bras that are suitable for skirts or tops with exposed shoulders. Generally, strapless bras of this type usually use a wide bra strap to provide support to help secure the chest and prevent the bra from slipping. When choosing a strapless bra, choose a size that is tighter in the waist area and wider in the chest area. A tight waist can ensure that the bra is fixed in place and a wide chest can ensure normal chest breathing. A high-quality strapless bra can make the breasts look beautiful but not loose, increasing girls’ self-confidence.

3. No outline bra

No outline bra

If your bra has lace or obvious lines, when wearing these tight or light clothes, people around you can clearly see the lace lines of the bra, which is very bad. Therefore, a smooth and contourless bra is needed, which can avoid this awkwardness. The surface of the non-contouring bra is very smooth and connected to the bra strap, which will not reveal the obvious seams or structure of the bra; it also has a perfect circle to maintain around and full breast shape, which can show the perfect figure of women. The contourless bra also has a good shaping effect, which can help shrink excess breast tissue under the armpit and significantly improve the defects of the human body.

4. Sports bra

Sports bras were originally designed for athletic women to minimize breast vibrations during exercise and provide compression and support to the chest. Women can choose low-impact, medium-impact, and high-impact bras based on the intensity of the exercise. If you are running, you can choose a high-impact sports bra; if you are doing yoga or other sports, you can choose a low or medium-impact sports bra to protect breast health. Surprisingly, sports bras now often appear in daily wear, becoming a fashion trend and fashion and not limited to wearing during sports.

5. Longline bra

Longline bra

Longline bras have a larger coverage area than ordinary bras. It has a lower drawstring and can be extended to the hips to increase support for the chest. It is suitable for plump breasts. Due to the larger coverage area of the longline bras, The ability to spread the weight of the breasts across the torso reduces stress on the back and shoulders. This type of longline bra is highly practical, suitable for everyday clothing to bridal underwear, can shape the waist, shrink excess fat tissue at the waist, and form a smooth waist curve under the dress or dress.

6. Push-up bra

Push-up bras are an excellent complement to every fashionable girl’s wardrobe, and they can help your chest get breasts lifted without any plastic surgery. The extra pad in the cup of the push-up bra can lift the chest to the middle and have a clearer cleavage; you can use the pad to determine the height of the bust to meet different needs. The push-up bra has a concave shape in the middle to show its cleavage, which is suitable for low-cut clothing. Both women with small busts and women with larger busts can choose and benefit from them, making their bodies as they please.

7. Silicone bra

Backless clothing has always been popular, and the demand for backless silicone bras is also increasing. Silicone bras can make life easier, with a light feeling, and bras will not show up under less conflicting clothes, becoming the most popular bras under today’s fashion trends. In fact, silicone bras can meet the needs of a variety of fashions, and the adhesiveness of silicone can firmly cover the breasts without hindering the skin of the shoulders and back. However, it should be noted that silicone bras should not be worn for more than eight hours, and the bras should be washed and stored to prolong the service life of silicone bras.

8.Racerback bra

racerback bra

The racerback bra has cross straps on the back, forming a Y or V shape between the shoulder blades, which can provide the maximum degree of movement of the back and arms; and the combined shoulder strap and back cup strap can add better to the chest Supports and distributes pressure on the back and shoulders. The shoulder strap is located close to the inside of the shoulder without revealing the shoulder strap. Therefore, racerback bras are suitable for sleeveless shirts or tops. At the same time, it is also suitable for people who can’t fix the shoulder straps in the correct position because the shoulders are inclined.

Finding the right bra is an endless topic. Give yourself some time to decide whether to choose or increase the type of bra in your closet and increase your self-confidence while ensuring breast health.

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