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Best Tips On How To Store And Organize Bras In A Closet

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Bras, when pampered, will always pamper you back. But do you give enough attention to ensure they remain as delicate and vibrant as they were when new? However true that every item has an expiry date, the life and softness of bras can still be prolonged. If you believe just stacking them in a corner means giving them the care they require – and quite frankly, deserve – then, you’re wrong. Delicate fabrics need more protection so that they can last longer. Because bras support your bust line while offering you utmost comfort each day, it is an imminent necessity to learn how to store bras the right way. It wouldn’t just prolong their life and save you money; it would also protect you from the discomfort that bent or disfigured wireline can cause.

If you’re still not convinced that bra storage techniques are a topic worthy of discussion; then, you need to get acquainted with the benefits – given below – of doing so.

  • Storing bras in a closet helps to keep the padding in the shape
  • The fabric remains soft and doesn’t develop creases or cracks
  • The underwire endues its shape and doesn’t choke your bustline
  • The color lasts longer, and the texture remains the same
  • Undergarments can fester fungus very easily. Having your bras arranged and organized in a closet will prevent such deterioration.

Other than storing, you should also learn about the benefits and tips of organizing bras – listed below – while piling them in the closet.

  • You can organize bras according to their color and pattern – laced, wired, padded, and non-padded. This way the closet looks neat and tidy
  • It becomes very easy to pick the bra you want. For example, if you want a t-shirt bra, you can look in the section of bras dedicated to just t-shirt bras. It will save some time, frustration, and effort
  • You can also hang matching panties and bras together. It’s a cute way to organize your lingerie and speaking freely, it looks jaw-droppingly attractive and charming

So, if all this piques your interest in curating some innovative and inexpensive bra organizers out of simple things you use in your house, you’re more than welcome to explore the bra storage guide given below.

How To Organize Your Bra At Home?

The first thing that’s noteworthy when it comes to bra storage is the fact that they require different storage methods when at home and when traveling. The best bra storage accessories that wouldn’t cause much mess and trouble while at home are listed below.

1. Shoe Rack As A Bra Organizer

Using a shoe rack as a bra organizer is an appealing way of storing bras the right way. You can fold the non-padded strapless bras and organize them in different sections of the rack. But avoid doing so when storing a padded or a strapless push-up bra. Instead, plan on using a shoe rack with wider sections to keep the bras on top of – or in front of – each other with cups facing outwards.

One precaution that you must undertake while using a shoe rack as a bra organizer is, make sure that the rack is concealed and out of the reach of direct dust particles.

You can use a closet attached shoe rack drawer to keep your bras away from dust. But when using a shoe rack stand, cover the entire length with a curtain cloth.

2. Bathroom Rods To Store Bras In A Closet


If you’ve been wondering how to create some extra space to store bras in a closet, then bathroom rods are the best solution. Install some bathroom rods in your closet and hang bras in a sequence. It looks much organized and helps you locate the bra you need easily in no time.

The most appealing benefits of using this technique to store bras in a closet include the following.

  • Cup shape doesn’t disorientate
  • Cup foam remains tightly sealed
  • Edges of the underwire do not bend

3. Hangers As Bra Organizers


If looking forward to finding ways on how to store your bra in your closet, then use hangers and look no further. The best hangers that can be used to store bras in a closet include:

  • Fully contoured suit hangers
  • Steal clip hangers
  • 2-hook steel hangers
  • Stack hangers
  • Bathroom hangers

4. Bra Organizer Desk


It’s the conventional and one of the best bra organizing and storing accessories. However, it is the method of storing bras on the desk that holds maximum relevance. So, have a quick look below.

  • Do not fold bra cups if they are padded and cushioned
  • Keep padded bras in front of each other in the desk organizer
  • Whether you keep your bras in front or on top of each other, the outside of the cups should face forward
  • Do not stack a lot of bras to save space. It can pull the strands of the lace fabric from the cup surface
  • The inside of the bra organizing desk should not have any sharp edges or nails sticking out. The soft and delicate bra fabric can tear apart easily if stuck on such edges

5. Fabric Basket Bins As Bra Organizers


Fabric basket bins can be exclusively used to store bras and underwear. It’s, however, best to use them for non-padded foldable bras. Padded bras require more space. If wanting to use a fabric bin to store padded bras, use the ones with no compartments or wider compartments.

Also, it is better if the fabric bag doesn’t have a meshed surface. Solid fabric is highly recommended since it keeps dust particles away from coming in direct contact with your bras.  

6. Door Shelf For Bra Storage In Dark Rooms

A full-length door shelf has enough holding space to store many bras. Thus, instead of cramping the bras, use as many compartments as you need to store bras in the darkroom properly. Be extra careful to not fit many bras in front of each other. This is a necessary precaution to make sure that the cups and the underwire aren’t exposed to extra pressure. Remember, any amount of extra tension – no matter how less – can create a permanent dent on the surface of the padded cups.

How To Organize Your Bras While Traveling?

Storing bras the right way while traveling defines how long will the bra survive the daily wear and tear. And the best bra travel organizer that wouldn’t ruin the finish of the bra cup is a bra travel bag. Scroll down to find out all relevant details about bra travel bags – the 7th best bra storage accessory.

7. Bra Travel Bags


You can always buy a bra storing travel bag whenever you are off on a long journey. Since available in different sizes, buy it according to the number of bras you’re carrying. Also, buy a high-quality bra travel bag with a solid surface that can hold the weight of the bras.

If keeping the bra bag in your travel suitcase, keep it in between the clothes to spare the bras from the excessive pressure that might be exerted due to luggage manhandling at airports.

What Are The Benefits Of Storing Bras In A Portable Bag?

Other than the fact that storing your bras in a portable bag is a travel-friendly way of carrying them, there are some other benefits of doing so as well. The best of those benefits are given below for your reference.

  • Bra storage in a portable bag creates extra room for carrying other travel essentials, toiletries, and cosmetics
  • Such bra organizers are best to carry strapless padded bras without risking the underwire to bend or completely break open
  • They are multi-purpose storage boxes and can be used to store bras at home too

Different Bra Folding And Packing Tips That Can Prolong The Life Of Your Favorite Bra

Folding bras properly is the one thing that mustn’t be overlooked while storing them. The list below is a compilation of different bra folding and packing ideas that every woman should be aware of.

  • When storing push-up bras and padded bras, stuff the insides with socks or underwear while stacking them in front of each other. Filling the empty space ensures that the foam of the cups doesn’t disfigure even if pressed inward
  • When folding strapless and wireless bras, ensure that the 2 cups – no matter they’re non-padded – lay right on top of each other. It makes the closet more spacious and tidier

Other than the folding and packing ways, washing bras properly is also something that holds great relevance when talking about the ways to treat your bras the right way. Thence, always follow the bra washing tips given below.

  • Do not use hot water to wash bras. Use normal tap water so that the fabric and the foam padding doesn’t shrink
  • Do not use bleach for cleaning bras even if the bra gets stained. Bleach will only make the fabric weaker and eat up the actual color
  • It’s better to hand wash all bras since they require a gentle touch

On a parting note, securing a bra isn’t as tough as it sounds. Only if you follow the tips on how to store your bras the right way that you’ll have no problem folding or organizing them whether traveling or storing them in your closet.