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Black Friday, how about buying a bra for your girlfriend as a gift?

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It is very romantic to choose a beautiful bra for your girlfriend.


The annual Thanksgiving shopping war – Black Friday is coming. In addition to buying long-awaited items for yourself, don’t forget to pick a gift for your other half. It is very romantic to choose a beautiful bra for your girlfriend. Especially if you are in love, if you will send a bra as a gift for your other half, it may be able to make your love better. The bra is called the second layer of the woman’s skin. As a gift of deep meaning and intimacy, sending a bra to the girlfriend indicates that your relationship can go further, but if you don’t know about the bra, you will be self-defeating. So now let’s talk about how to choose bra as a gift for your girlfriend?

1, Preparation

You need to fully understand before you buy a bra. When your girlfriend is out, open her bra drawer and see what kind of bra she likes to wear. Then you have to go boldly to the bra shop to pick one for her. Many boys are embarrassed to enter the bra shop. It doesn’t matter. It is very considerate and sweet to buy a bra for your girlfriend. Usually, the sales staff will not laugh at you, because customers are their gods, as long as they can make money, no matter who they serve. And male customers, they will generally be more careful to help you, so don’t be afraid to enter the bra shop. Another better way is online shopping. It not only solves the problem of boys going to the underwear store to buy bras but also saves money by the big black Friday promotion.

2, Pay attention to style

You need to distinguish the types of bras. The different dress needs to be paired with different bras. At this time you can look at the girlfriend’s wardrobe and see the type of clothes she has. For example, an adhesive bra or sticky bra is a type of strapless bra that sticks to her breasts and is invisible under almost any dress whether it be strapless, backless or even frontless. Sports bras are much stronger than other bras and come in different impact levels to match the different types of exercise she might be doing. Or think about what kind of clothes a girlfriend likes to wear more, and choose the right bra according to the type of clothes. If she like wearing skimpier dresses or tops in the summer, then the backless bra is the perfect bra style for her. And If your girlfriend likes to wear a deep V skirt, T-shirt or suit, then U-plunge Bra will be perfect for her. If you want to know more, you can go to the blogs of the brand NIIDOR website, there are a lot of articles about choosing a bra or introducing the type of bra, very detailed, definitely, you will learn more about bras.

bra types

3, The brand

Women like famous brands. We all know that the brand is a guarantee of quality. A good brand of the bra is safe for the body and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend this bra brand NIIDOR. It is a bra website that currently operates adhesive bras, invisible bras, and nipples covers. Its bra is suitable for all styles of clothing and all occasions. And some bras made of hypoallergenic silicone which is skin-friendly with strong adhesiveness and no slipping off. The others made of nylon which is the common material on regular bras. All materials are safe and non-toxic.

4, According to the season

You have to decide what season to send the bra to your girlfriend. If it is summer, it is best to choose a thin cup for the girlfriend’s bra, because summer girls like to wear thinner clothes, the patterned bra will be a bad match; if it is winter, then choose a thicker cup of bra, because in winter we wear more and thicker clothes, in order to show the body, girls will basically choose a thick cup of bra to set off their body.

5, The right size

You have to determine what size the bra your girlfriend is wearing. If you already know the size of your girlfriend’s bust, you can buy it directly against the size chart; if you don’t know, you can find her bra to see the size indicated above. The size of the bra is the same: 32A-38D, this is in American; the Europeans will be labeled 70A-85D.

6, The right time

You have chosen the bras very carefully, so don’t send it to her when it’s not appropriate, and mess things up. Girls like a little romantic mood, so you should choose the time for both of you – don’t give it to her parents or other people. Bring champagne to her and tell her how beautiful she will be when she puts on it – maybe then you will have a good time.

7, Color matching

If it is a girlfriend’s birthday or a holiday to give a gift to a girlfriend, then the bra is best to choose red or pink, because the bright color will make people feel excited. Otherwise, choose a color that makes her skin more beautiful: if she is very white, pick a soft, light color; if her skin color is tan or black, pick a bright color that will be better. Patterns of bras are also important – sexy patterns, dots, patterns, and stripes. The color should match the other clothes as much as possible, otherwise, she won’t wear it at all: the bra is lightly colored for flesh-colored or white dress; the dark bra is suitable for black or thick suits.

dinner romantic

As long as it is a gift that you have carefully selected, she will be very touched. So, boys, going to the website right now and choose a beautiful bra for your girlfriend as a gift!



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