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Black Friday of 2019, top 10 gifts that women should buy for yourself



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It is necessary to buy a gift for yourself


A long time ago, the Christmas season was accompanied by all the glittering lights, warm music, and sale at a reduced price, starting after we had finished the Thanksgiving turkey. Therefore, the special significance of Black Friday is to be the beginning of the Christmas season. The origin of Black Friday is hard to trace. The first recorded use was used in 1869 to describe the impact of the gold market on the stock market, but the most familiar explanation is that the merchants finally “black” (meaning profit) in a year.  Because the profit of the last two months of the year usually accounts for 20% or even 1/3 of the merchant’s full-year profit. However, this story is not accurate and more like a market myth.

Now that women’s self-awareness has begun to awaken, women’s status has gradually increased and they have begun to fight for their equal rights in this world. In modern society, there are more and more independent women. They can survive and develop without relying on men. Even the contribution rate of women worldwide is gradually increasing. It can be seen that the role of women in this world is becoming more and more important, and not just in family relationships. As women in the 21st century, we should be more aware of our importance. We must be better for ourselves. We need to please ourselves first and then let others be happy.

A woman’s sense of security should not come from a man’s sweet words and promises but should come from any time, there is money in the card, there is oil in the car, and the phone has electricity. You have the confidence to say no and a free and independent soul.

Don’t wait for the man to give you a gift, buy it yourself, don’t envy someone else’s life, you can have it if you want it. Make money for yourself.

Therefore, the annual Black Friday discount day is the best time for women to treat themselves. Women’s temptation to discount can be said to be simply not resistant. For a year of hard work or family, you need such a moment to comfort yourself. Whether it’s to reward yourself for the hard work of the past year or to encourage yourself to continue working hard in the coming year, it’s essential to buy a gift for yourself on Black Friday. Because women need too many things, so I will share with you the top 10 gifts that I think are best for women.

Top 1: The bag

The bag is a symbol of a woman’s taste and the best accessory for everyday wear. For women of all ages, getting a bag is a joy and a way to change your mood. Women’s attitude of choosing a bag is meticulous, different styles with different clothes, to match different occasions. When a woman goes out to the street, she almost has to carry a bag, so that there is a sense of solidity in the heart; if there is no weight load on the body, it will feel very strange. Women go out with bags not only for convenience but also for matching fine clothing. A suitable bag can add glamour to women’s wear, but also give women a sense of security. The world inside the bag is even more unimaginable for men. In such a small space, there is a woman’s “stylist”. Everything in the bag of lipstick, eyebrow pencil, powder cake, perfume, etc. is indispensable for women.

danse lente zoe

Here I recommend a bag I like: Danse Lente Zoe

Danse Lente, this brand is from London, England, and Danse Lente is French, meaning “slow dance.” The brand’s bag design is inspired by contemporary aesthetics and modern architecture, with a focus on a timeless design. The designer incorporates modernist architecture and sculptural elements into the body and extracts extremely simple lines with classic geometric elements, neat and generous.

In fact, I usually prefer to buy some niche brands compared to the bags of various famous brands. Not only the style has a sense of design, but the quality is also good, and the most important thing is that it is not easy to be like others. In particular, the bag is the fastest-changing item, and it is more convenient to choose a niche one.

The most iconic of Danse Lente is JOHNNY and PHOEBE. But my favorite is this Zoe. Because its design feels great! The top is a narrow design with one side and the other side. The bottom is the width and narrow design of the reverse. Especially the geometrical sense is very fashionable. The color of brown-red and black is very warm in autumn and winter, and it is also very versatile; The above broadband has three buttonholes that can be adjusted in length; There is a buckle on the wide side of the bag, and a buckle on both sides of the narrow side. It can be buckled on both sides of the bag like me, or it can be buckled on the same side, which is super interesting; The size of the bag is perfect, it won’t be bulky, and it won’t be too small to fit anything. This geometric design has a large internal space and is very easy to install. The quality is also nothing to say, the leather is very high-end, absolutely value for your money!

Top 2: Lipsticks

Lipstick should be the woman’s first cosmetics, because a woman, even if she looks very bad, as long as she put on lipstick, she immediately changed someone. A woman with lipstick is cute, confident, and glamorous. If you want to get the attention of others, then you may want to apply lipstick. In many cases, it is difficult for men to understand why women are so “fascinated” about lipstick. Lipstick can not only embellish a woman’s life but also give women a strong confidence and even a sense of security. In the movie “Tiffany’s Breakfast”, Audrey Hepburn left the classic line “A girl can’t read that sort of thing without her lipstick.” Lipstick colors, styles such as the stars in the night sky, whether it is warm or cool, lipstick is a weapon for women, is a powerful “protective color.” Lipstick as a woman’s second piece of clothing, like armor, can be “invincible” if it is coated with lipstick.

According to the survey, more than 84% of women use lipstick to express their emotions at the time. The color of different lipsticks represents different moods. Another 60% of women said that when they are depressed, they will use lipstick to mobilize their emotions.

Dior lipsticks

Created in Paris in 1946, Christian Dior is the perfect expression of elegance, excellence, and luxury in the areas of perfume, make-up, and skincare. Dior is a famous French fashion consumer brand. There are various colors of lipstick, and it is impossible to say which color is the most beautiful because the color suitable for oneself is the most beautiful, and the situation of each person is different, so the suitable color is different. But every woman will not reject the red lipstick, because the temptation of the red lipstick is too big. The brand and color of the lipstick are really super, but no matter what color number you like, the red color must have one. No matter what brand of lipstick, he must have a red color. DIOR Flame Blue Gold Lipstick 999 is the red Top 1, which is still popular all over the world. It is called the queen’s red, and the thin coating is water red. The texture is thin and permeable, suitable for use all year round.

Dior Flame Blue Gold Lipstick is a type of lipstick. The first Dior boutique, born at 30 Montaigne Avenue, has been transformed into more than 1,500 colors since 1953. Up to now, Dior Flame Blue Gold Lipstick has continued its 60-year history of color art. In the beginning, Christian Dior conceived a unique and far-sighted beauty. With the mission of “Make Women’s Smiles”, the company presents a holistic style that interprets Dior’s elegant style.

Top 3: Perfume

Coco Chanel said: “A woman who does not have perfume has no future.” Perfume can be said to be a poison for a woman’s life. The unique fragrance of your body is more attractive than your face in minutes. Therefore, every woman’s life should have a perfume of her own.

Perfume is not just a commodity, it is also a cultural, an experience that is touched at a moment in our lives. It is perfectly balanced at both ends, between sensibility and rationality, nature and culture, business and art, past and present, dominant and implicit, and rigid and soft. Different from the world, it is a space-related to beauty, dynamic, and light is a kind of odor communication between people.

The charm of the perfume, although it can not be seen or touched, can bring the ultimate charm. Marilyn Monroe said in an interview: “I only wear Chanel No. 5 to sleep.” revealed her fascination with the smell of No. 5. Every woman should have a unique taste that is unique to her.

perfume Jo Malone

Perfume has a soul, and the pursuit of fragrance is not only love but also a way of life. The lipstick is for good looks, and the perfume is to please yourself. With your favorite aroma to work, read and travel, from early morning to evening, slowly enjoy the good feeling that each fragrance brings to you. Although the perfume is not to please anyone, but others pay attention to you because of your perfume, also affirmation of your taste. One of my favorite perfume brands is Jo Malone. The famous British brand Jo Malone, whose perfume is simple and purely loved by many stars. The rustic packaging reveals a strong British style. It is characterized by individuality, high quality, and distinctiveness.

The biggest difference between Jo Malone perfume and general aroma is that the aroma is pure and close to reality. My favorite taste is Peony & Blush Suede. There are sweet and sour fruit and the overbearing atmosphere of the queen of peony. It is a feminine fragrance with a taste of non-sticky powder, reminiscent of the swaying red high heels. It is suitable for women who have self-assertion and mature ideas, and can also be used to enhance the gas field when needed.

Top 4: Skirts

Wearing a skirt can more clearly reflect the girl’s unique feminine temperament, the skirt is the representative of the woman. Wearing a skirt is a girl’s patent, and wearing a skirt can also attract more boys’ eyes. Different skirts can play different roles in girls. The high-waist skirt can make the girl look taller, the legs are longer, the long skirt reveals the elegant temperament, the short skirt is playful and lively, full of youthful vitality. The bag-nose skirt highlights the beautiful curve and attracts the eye.

This dress comes from the brand of Zara, the price is not high. But it was the feeling of the famous brand by the Spanish queen Letizia, elegant and advanced, and the temperament is outstanding. The blue waist dress is simple and fresh, and the long-sleeved dress is elegant and elegant. Just embellished with a black belt, but it is very elegant, very suitable for Letizia’s temperament. The design of the skirt is very careful, and the cuffs are spliced with slanted wooden ears, which are sweet and age-reducing. The skirt is pressed into a tight wrinkle treatment, which is neither too monotonous but also youthful and fashionable.

Zara skirts

Skirts can be worn all year round, and the metallic pleated skirt worn by the Queen of Spain looks good. Metallic pleated skirts were very popular last year, and this skirt has a certain warmth. The Queen of Spain is paired with a black sleeveless top and black suede boots. I like her color match. Models with loose sweaters and white ankle boots are more suitable for everyday wear, and the Queen of Spain is more suitable for commuting.

Top 5: Bras

For women, no matter how beautiful the outerwear is, it is less important than wearing a comfortable bra. Wearing clothes is not just to make others feel good. Only a bra that is comfortable and suitable for you can show a woman’s taste and self-confidence from the inside out, to truly appreciate his inner feelings, not to cater to anyone.

There are many different places in the body between men and women. This is something that each of us should know. For example, the reproductive organs are different, and breast development is different. So for women, choosing a good bra is essential. When a woman shows signs of development from the breast, she must wear a bra. There are many choices for bras today, whether you want to be pure, flattering, simple, unrestrained or sexy, you can’t do without bras to shape your chest.

The choice of bra appearance can intuitively reflect a person’s emotional color and life taste, and the choice of bra appears very frequently in the female topic circle. For modern women, the bra can adjust the chest and highlight the beauty of women. It is also very important to choose a good bra. If you don’t choose a bra that suits you, in addition to being particularly uncomfortable to wear, it is important to compress the blood vessels, resulting in poor blood circulation and may cause breast disease.

Niidor bra

Here, I recommend this brand of bra NIIDOR, which is made of safe non-toxic silicone or high-grade nylon fabric that fits the skin. It is safe and comfortable for women, and also offers a variety of styles and colors for everyone to choose from.

Top6: High heels

High-heeled shoes not only improve the overall temperament but also have a certain modification effect on the body, which can maximize the elegance and sexiness of women. You don’t need to be too fancy, a classic versatile style is the most worthwhile investment. Be sure to try more before you buy, because a pair of suitable high heels will give you the courage to stand up and face the challenges of life and work.

Pointed high-heeled shoes can maximize the elegance and sensuality of a woman. As the shoe master Manolo Blahnik said: “When a woman puts on high heels, the voice changes, and the walking posture changes.” White is the sharpest color of the year; black high heels are a classic choice that never fails. Brilliant colors are perfect for the lively atmosphere of spring and summer; pointed high-heeled shoes with a simple One-piece are the most secure; if you have a decorative heel, you can wear a mini skirt, which will make your legs look more slender.

Carrie in “Sex and the City” shouted: “Standing on high heels, I can see the whole world.” I want to be superior and don’t want to endure pain? Then you must try waterproof platform heels and chunky heels. I believe that girls who care about fashion have found that the heels of this year’s high heels have become a lot thicker. Is this popular thick heel shoe this year? The answer is: Yes, the platform is a big heat this season. Because of the thick waterproof platform, it is more comfortable to wear than the thin-soled high-heeled shoes.

Christian Louboutin, a French designer, his “red bottom high heels” is a dream piece for every woman. The red sole is like a lipstick for shoes, which makes people unconsciously want to kiss, plus the exposed toes, it is very sexy.

beautiful shose

“High Heels Empire” talks about Jimmy Choo‘s shoemaking history. Jimmy Choo is a world-famous shoe brand named after his English name. Jimmy Choo manufactures shoes for customers by the hand, with the principles of “comfort, elegance, and classics”. Designed to fit the curves of the feet, making walking more convenient, so that after a few years, the shoes can still look like the trend of the year.

Manolo Blahnik is a Spanish shoe designer. Manolo Blahnik’s high heels have a high characteristic, but the center of gravity is stable. It is said that wearing it to dance, the feet are not painful.

Top7: Jewelry

As a whole dress, jewelry is the most fascinating accessory. Different combinations can make a different taste. Of course, we are not looking for jewels of great value. What you need is a well-made and design-style jewelry. Wearing it can instantly feel that the whole person is lit up, and a reasonable match can make the whole person sparkle inadvertently.

If you want your overall dress to be eye-catching, jewelry matching is essential. The jewelry mix has become the trend of the moment, stacking delicate and delicate necklaces, which can not only modify the empty neck but also add detail changes to the dress, making you more distinctive.

I like the jewelry of the brand of Faris du Graf. She started in the architectural world and her fashion is jewelry making. She enrolled in metalworking and jewelry production classes at Central Saint Martins in London, studied the way the industry developed, and then established her eponymous brand in Seattle, Washington.

As du Graf said, the Faris collection embodies the spirit of “old-age modernity”. She is influenced by the natural and urban environments and uses organic elements such as gorgeous agate gemstones and Krebs pearls, as well as sterling silver and bronze. In aesthetics, her jewels appear at the intersection of classical and modern art, from hoop earrings to individual rings and cuffs. She turned them into sculpted artwork, designed to be cleverly worn.

It is more iconic with a variety of delicate unbalanced earrings and asymmetrical contrast stud earrings. And this brand has many ear clips, so even if you don’t dare to pierce your ears, you can choose the earrings that suit you.

Born in Paris, Anissa Kermiche graduated from the Jewelry Design at St. Martin’s College in London, England. She was originally enrolled in computer engineering. After three years, she found that she did not conform to her ambitions and then transferred to jewelry design. In 2016, she founded the eponymous brand in the UK. During the short period of the founding of the brand, Anissa Kermiche has been plagued by many fashion magazines due to its special and interesting but exquisite design and unique style different from other jewelry brands, such as “Vogue”, “InStyle”, “Glamour” and “Telegraph Luxury” and so on. Many stars are also very fond of it.

Bring-bring Jewelry

Anissa Kermiche‘s design inspiration comes from the successful women around, and the meticulous design is a bit of fun. Using some women’s bodies to design the main axis as well as minimalist lines and geometric figures, re-arranged and inlaid with bright pearls and gems. Every piece of jewelry has its personality, but the whole series is so tensioned that it is a jewelry that is loved at a glance.

Top 8: Camera

Ansel Adams said that we are not just taking pictures with a camera. What we brought to photography are all the books we have read, the movies we have watched, the music we have heard and the people we loved.

Because we want to keep those good things in life. A photo, a story! People’s life is so short, there may be only some words and some photos left. If you don’t take pictures, I can’t imagine how many things we will miss. The fascination of photography lies in its reality, it’s instant, the story behind the photo, and the thinking after the moment.

Roland Barthes said that the essence of photography is novel. Each photo essentially conveys to us the simplest message: “It’s like this!” “This has existed!” There are no more languages besides that.

Every girl or woman, you are beautiful, you should use your camera to record your beauty. To say that women’s favorite camera, non-self-portrait good-looking camera is none other than.

The Panasonic DC-GF9 camera is designed to meet the needs of every woman. Its pixels are 16 million Live MOS sensors, the lens type is not changeable, the continuous shooting speed is up to 10 frames per second, the screen type is flip screen and touch screen, and there is WiFi wireless function.

Panasonic DC-GF9 camera

Panasonic GF9 is known as the “9th girlfriend.” Retro look, textured leather shell, black, gray, orange, pink four colors to choose from, of which pink has captured countless young girls. With a 180-degree reversible monitor, you can easily take a self-portrait, amazing 4K quality, and WIFI function sharing is simpler.

It can be said that the Panasonic GF9 is a self-portrait micro-single for women, lightweight, and the UI design of the touch screen is also very convenient. 4K video and continuous shooting, even if you let your boyfriend help to capture, do not have to worry about the photos are not good.

Top 9: Watch

Soon, it has already entered the winter, and in addition to the need to change the season for clothes, the matching of clothes has to be changed. For women who love fashion, the feminine and beautiful fashion watch is the best choice for autumn and winter. Watches not only make your work more punctual but also increase the level of your overall mix and play a decorative role.

Now the watch is no longer just a timing tool, it can also wear different temperament and style. The colorful and colorful watch color is not only a colorful visual effect but also a happy mood. A variety of color-matched fashion watches, the gorgeous gesture seems to be the second layer of skin on the wrist. Full of girlish pink crystal and quiet blue, mature and stable earth color, minimalist and elegant pure white adds a touch of color to the autumn and winter seasons.

Casio is a great watch brand. Quality assurance, stylish design, is very eye-catching. SHE-4029PGL-7A is a ladies’ watch that unleashes the charm of the gesture. The mirror material is mineral anti-flower glass, the display category is pointer, waterproof 50 meters, the buckle type is pin buckle type, the dial color is white, the strap material is leather, the movement category is quartz, the product model is SHE-4029PGL and the dial size is 26.5mm.

casio watch

Top 10: Eye cream

As we age, there are some conditions in our body and skin, and changes in the face of the face are most noticeable. The eyes are the windows of the mind. The skin of the eyes is the thinnest skin of the human body. At the same time, it is the most frequent part of the activity, and it is also the place where the most frequently pulled skin in the make-up, it is very easy to grow wrinkles. And once it grows out, it’s hard to eliminate. No one wants to have an annoying fishtail in their beautiful eyes. So many women will choose to use an eye cream to solve this problem. Learn to take care of the eyes and start with eye cream.

Eye cream is one of the skincare cosmetics. In addition to reducing the wrinkles and crow’s feet of the eye bags, it can also moisturize the dry skin of the eyes. Eye cream is a must for most people. In some special cases, eye cream should be used as early as possible, especially for women with dry skin, and this proportion of women is still relatively high.

It is understood that neutral skin accounts for the majority at 18-24 years old, but neutral skin tends to be dry or oily at some point. The second is seasonal factors, many places are getting more and drier, especially the global warm winter phenomenon so that the air humidity is getting smaller and smaller for a long time, and the long-term use of heating and air conditioning makes the face lack water, and the eye skin bears the brunt. The third is to use the eye over. Most modern professional women are inseparable from words and computers, plus a large number of newspapers, magazines, and CDs dominate the leisure time, extreme fatigue of the eye muscles, leading to premature skin wrinkles around the eyes.

eye cream

Kiehl’s is main herbal skincare, so many of his products are highly sought after, Kiehl’s avocado eye cream is also labeled as “entry-level eye cream”, rich in avocado tree fruit fat, avocado oil, vitamin E unique cream texture eye cream. When you apply avocado moisturizing eye cream, you can feel the release of moisture, soothe the dry eyes, help the delicate eye area to achieve the desired moisturizing and moisturize the eye area. Use Kiehl’s Avocado Moisturizing Eye Cream to help makeup look.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye, beige creamy texture, thicker texture, slower absorption The new version adds plant extracts for better antioxidant effects. Added caffeine, which helps to promote blood circulation, can eliminate edema and is suitable for use in the morning before makeup. It can be used with Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye, but the price is slightly more expensive.

SK-II Muscle Repair Eye Cream is effective against wrinkles and can reduce fine lines and crow’s feet. Improves the skin power of the eye area and improves the top ten eye problems such as wrinkles, sagging, and edema. It helps the eyelids to tighten from the inside out, repairing eye problems one by one, stimulating the renewal cycle energy and restoring young skin. It is a star product worth trying.

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