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Boobs Can Communicate About Health

woman breasts


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The human body is a complex system that is all connected inside, and the functionality of different organs and systems is associated together. Boobs are the prominent and essential part of women’s body, not only from the appearance but boobs also tell us about the overall health. Breasts can communicate about what’s going inside the body and give indications about the health concerns. Boobs are delicate and sensitive; they can abruptly get affected by any change in health. It is quite common for breasts to grow at different and unequal rates when they are developing but usually, they appear to be the same size and if not, then certain gels and foam can be used under the bra. However, if the difference is more than a cup size, this matter can be of breast health concern and need to be discussed with your healthcare provider. Women’s breasts are of different sizes and shapes, and there is not any defined breast size. Boobs can be large, small, lumpy, smooth, light or dark depending upon breast health and growth. Factors that affect breast health and growth are heredity, weight, nutrition, stress, exercise, and chronic illness.

Development of breasts

Breasts start growing with puberty when hormone levels change in the body causing the development of breasts and activate the menstrual cycle. Breasts are composed of fatty tissue and milk-producing glands, called mammary, and the dark area around nipple is areola. With the development of the body, a small lump grows under the areola and nipple. This lump is called the breast bud. As the buds get big and rounder, the breasts grow. Breast health and growth change with the development off breasts and hence boobs depicts your health.

Importance of breast health and growth

Breast health is an essential component of a woman’s overall wellness. Boobs communicate about the health of a body and women frequently seek for medical help for their breast health, as they feel any irregular growth, breast discharge, lumps, pain and changes to the skin. Although many changes in the breast are related to hormone shifts during menstruation, the primary step a woman can take to maintain breast health is to take the time to understand the anatomy of the breast and choose bra according to their breast health and growth.

Changes in Breast during lifetime

Breasts undergo many changes with the period of time. The changes range from their appearance to size. Breast health and growth can fluctuate for various reasons:

  • Decreasing metabolism
  • Mensural Cycle
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Disturbance in hormone levels
  • Pregnancy
  • Radiations

Factors that affect breast growth and health are:

Change of Shape; Every woman has a determined round shape of breasts during her life, but the changes mentioned above can affect the shape and breast health effectively. For instance, in periods, one boob can get big in size than the other, and if the difference in shape is noticeable, this can be a sign of a tumor, and that’s how boobs communicate the internal health of a body.

Unexpected breast growth; if your boobs start growing suddenly, it is due to gain of weight. As our boobs mainly consist of fat cells and glandular tissue, they grow when fats are accumulating. Breast growth in women is also associated with hormonal imbalance produced by pregnancy and birth control pills.

Decrease in size; If your breasts are getting smaller abruptly, it could be due to weight loss, or there is a slight possibility of the imbalance thyroid gland which can further cause serious breast health issues.

Itching; This can be related to wearing a wrong or ill-fitted bra. If you are wearing a bra that isn’t enough clean or tight, it can cause itching and irritation on breasts of a woman. Sweating and clothing can also cause allergies and scratches that can affect breast health. Breast area is way more delicate, and it should treat with care to maintain boobs and health.

Stretch marks; These are the way of boobs telling us about the health which is mainly due to weight loss or gain. As the boobs’ skin stretches, these marks appear. These marks can also appear during puberty and hormonal imbalance.

Lumps and bumps; This is the first sign of concern, as the formation of lumps and bumps is mainly associated with breast cancer. However, there are many other reasons as well that form lumps in breast tissue. As boobs are composed of fat and glands, so a little change in hormones can form lumps affecting breast health and growth. Moreover, menstrual cycles can also elevate the hormone charge causing small cysts filled with fluid, which is normal.

Hairs; Hairy boobs are one of the most horrible and irritating things for a woman. It can cause if you are exposed to an excess of testosterone through a determined cream or gel. Some pills also accelerate hair growth on boobs as a side effect, especially those with a high amount of testosterone and hormones. The Polycystic ovarian syndrome can be the other reason of damaging boobs and health, PCOs is a disorder that increases the production of testosterone provoking hair growth and other issues like cysts formation in the ovaries, irregular periods, acne burst, and infertility. As the appearance of hairs on boobs tells us about the health disorders of the body.

Nipple Discharge; Unless a woman is breastfeeding mother, nipple discharge is quite uncomfortable, but it is not associated with any concern of breast health. Some fluid like milk can discharge from nipples due to hormones of the body. Drugs like antidepressants or psychotropic medicines can elevate the prolactin production that is responsible for milk production. There are some blood discharges from nipples as well, which can be a sign of a noncancerous tumor.

Breast Pain; a tingle or ache can be felt in boobs when breast buds start developing with other pubertal changes like periods. It can also cause tenderness of boobs. Later, if the pain is regular and constant, then it can be associated with a sign of tumor or breast cancer.

Breast infection; a rash or inflammation can be a sign of bacterial infection, especially if one breast is swollen and tender. A rash on the skin under the breasts is usually either a heat rash or a yeast infection. Sometimes a hair root around your nipple area can become infected. When this happens, one or more tiny red bumps appear named as folliculitis, and need to be treated immediately.

Nipple retraction; also called as nipple inversion or inverted nipple appears when breast turns inward or become inverted. This condition can cause by inflammation or scarring of the tissue behind the nipple. But this sign is more likely associated with breast cancer and affect boobs health and growth.                                                                                                      

All these changes in the shape or appearance of boobs tell us about the health changes occurring inside the body of a woman.

A solution to these changes

When it comes to young women, these problems can be cured by certain precautions and following a healthy lifestyle will help in protecting your breasts. Key solutions to these changes are:                                                                   

Weight loss; being heavy can increase the risk of hormonal imbalance and enlargement of breast. A proper healthy routine and diet can help in maintaining breast health and growth.

Get routine checkups; all women should have a clinical breast exam at least every three years. Women with a family history should begin screening ten years before the family member’s age of diagnosis.

Clean and comfortable bra; it is of prime importance to avoid the use of tight and ill fit bras to protect the boobs from rashes and allergies. Keep bras fresh and clean.

Know your body; as boobs are delicate and private parts of a woman’s body so they must be self-examined to detect any breast health issue.

Effects of bra on breast health

Women typically prefer bras which are fancy in nature and soft, but they are unaware of the harmful or ill effects on the breast health of wearing a wrong bra. Wearing a wrong bra or ill-fitted bra can call for many adversities. About 70% of women regularly wear the wrong bra size and inappropriate texture, that leads to significant boobs and health problems including poor posture, skin irritation, and difficulty in breathing. Breast health and growth in women can frequently change due to pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and menopause.


Maintenance of boobs hygiene and health is of primary importance as it is associated with the overall health of a body. Breasts are a vital part of woman’s body, and a source of nourishment and pleasure for one’s self, and others. A regular bra might not come handy and comfortable with all types of breast shape or clothing, whereas a strapless bra may reduce breast pain and tightness along with perfect fitting. Hence, it is important to ensure the appropriate bra size and shape to ensure breast health.

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