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Bra Straps Slipping – Reasons and Solutions

bra straps falling
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Does your bra strap fall off one shoulder when you run or lift your arms or even during the day? Bra straps slipping can lead to embarrassment and endless agony as you find to try to a crafty way to lift it back to place, ensuring that no one notices it. Though sloping or narrow shoulders are seen as the major contributor to bra straps loosening yet, there are a couple of other reasons too that you should consider.

So why are your bra straps falling and what measures should you take to prevent the same? Let’s have a look!

    1. That’s Not The Right Size!

      This is the oldest and most common reason! A large number of women spend years wearing the wrong size of the bra due to which they are unable to avoid the bra straps loosening. This is not only uncomfortable but unhealthy too.

      Below are some ways through which you can realize that you need to get a new size.

      • Too big cup size

      Your cup size might be too big to fit your breasts entirely in it. With age, women tend to lose their breasts’ size, due to which the same bra that was a good fit earlier doesn’t work similarly now. If the cups are not filled, then you would not be able to prevent the bra straps falling. Thus, either you should change the bra size or lift your breasts to fit in the cups properly.

      • Too large bra band

      A larger band size means that the straps will be farther apart. A loose band can also cause the back of your bra to hike up leading the bra straps to fall off one shoulder. Some women choose a larger band size because they think that it will be more comfortable and would prevent “back bulge.” This is unfortunately not the real case as a tighter band will rather give you more support and prevent pain in the shoulders and back.

      One factor that you should always remember is that the cup size varies depending on the band size. If you want to try a smaller band size, then you would also have to go for a larger cup size and vice versa. This will tighten your band size while keeping the cup volume the same. To find the right bra size, you can use the online bra fitting calculator.

      2. Are You Adjusting It Properly?


      Another reason that can be a potential cause for your bra-straps slipping is that you haven’t adjusted it properly. It is important that you adjust them to a “Two-finger tension” every time. If you can place your fingers between the straps and skin without moving them easily, it means that your straps are snug. But if it is the other way, then the straps are loose. Have you ever wondered why only one bra strap fall? This is because the size of the boobs can differ. Adjusting the bra straps properly is only the key.

      • Your bra band is in an improper position.

      In the morning, all of us are in a great hurry and owing to that; we don’t pay enough attention to check whether our bra is properly adjusted or not. It may take just a few minutes to ensure that, and this can provide you the much-needed comfort for the entire day.

      After you put your bra on, next thing you should do is go back and pull it down so that it is under your shoulder blades and with the front covering your boobs well. If you don’t do this, there are chances that the front of your bra will slump and the bra strap will fall off. Just make sure that your straps are tight enough to provide support but also not too tight to pull up your bra back.

      Certain nice bra fitters can help you to adjust your bra well!

      • Happy straps

      Happy straps allow you to clip your bra straps preventing bra straps falling. Each packet comes in four different colors so that you can have one for each bra in your lingerie wardrobe.

      • Magic clips

      Sometimes, slippage may not be a problem, but you might want to avoid your bra peeking out of your top. It is always not necessary that you buy a strapless bra just for one outfit. That’s where magic clips come handy. They turn your bra in a racerback, eliminating any visible bra straps to go along with any sleeveless dress or cocktail wear.

      • Strap tamers

      Now this one is the perfect solution if you don’t want your bra to be shown. No matter what kind of fabric you wear, it can keep your bra attached to the dress with the combination of a pin and a clip. The pins can even be used in delicates.

      3. It’s Not The Right Style For You


      Despite having the right size, you may still suffer from bra straps slipping if you do not have the right style. If you are wearing a wrong bra style that doesn’t go along with your shoulder width as well as breast firmness and fullness, you can experience slipping of the bra too. Many bras are designed in such a way that the straps are far apart from each other. Though this is feasible yet need not be the right choice for you.

      Women who have sloped shoulders should take care that they buy those bras that have close-set, fully adjustable straps. By knowing your body style, you can find out what suits and doesn’t suits you well. For example, Balconette will be more comfortable for you if you are a petite size. On the other hand, if you have a curvier body, you will need more support and thus going for bras that have full coverage cups would be beneficial. The straps are sure to stay in place if you get the size as well as the style right.

        4. What Type Of Shoulders Do You Have?

          As discussed above, knowing your body style is crucial for choosing the right kind of bra.

          Different ladies might have different types of shoulders, and this will play an important role in the final choice.

          • Short shoulders

           If the height that exists between your shoulders and your boobs is small and you find the bra straps too long for you, you are required to adjust them. In the bras that have embroideries, the adjust-ability is decreased. This works best with the bodies that have a larger space between the breast and the shoulders while the other bras which can be adjusted to full-length of the straps are more suitable to ladies with a short distance between their shoulders and boobs

          • Narrow shoulders

          Narrow shoulders may make it difficult for you to find the right bras and avoid bra strap loosening. It may be difficult to find a bra with wires that are wide enough to support as well as straps that are narrow enough to stay securely in place. To handle this, you can either use a J-clip on the bra straps or go for a multi-way bra so that you can fasten the straps in various ways.

            5. Are You Using Bra Extenders?

              Bra straps loosening could also be caused by using bra extenders. Many women use bra extenders, but they are not aware of the fact that these can add more length on the back of the bra and can create additional problems with bra straps loosening being one of them.

              You should avoid the use of bra extenders as when the back of the bra is extended you will be moving the straps further apart and sitting much closer to your shoulder’s edge. This will, in turn, increases the chance of the bra straps slipping. Instead of bra extenders, consider going for larger band size and in turn a smaller cup size.

                6. It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Bra

                  Was your bra just perfect few years ago but now there are complaints of the same bra straps loosening? This is probably because your bra has worn out. You have used it enough, and your bra must be too old. With time, the elastic in the bra stretches out and weakens. Even the best bras don’t remain the same forever.

                  If you wish to extend the life of your bra, you should wash it with hands rather than putting it in the dryer. Keep checking that the bra fits you well. If you are tying your bra in the last hook and even then it seems to be loose, perhaps it is the time has come to say a final goodbye to it. It has served you enough!


                  Evidently, it is not that difficult to overcome the problem of bra straps falling down your shoulders. Now that you have learned about the various reasons that cause this problem, you just need to figure out what is specifically causing that troubling strap to not sit at its place and destroy your look. Once you do that go for the best solutions amongst the variety of them listed above. The bottom line is that the bra should fit you well in any case. Both a tight and a loose bra will welcome problems. At the same time, you should also give attention to adjusting it properly and may go for some additional fitters if required.

                  Bra strap loosening can reduce your confidence and plunge you into an unwanted situation. To avoid this, make sure that you are buying the right piece as it is just not important for your look but your health as well. A loose bra can cause chest and back pain and can reduce your efficiency. Simply evaluate your need and select the correct bra and you would not have to worry for that oops moment.