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Can we chat with you about the bra?

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A bra is something that almost all women wear on a regular basis but there is still a lot of confusion over bra sizes and history.

At present, it is impossible to imagine a woman without a bra in her closet. During its existence, it has come a long way. Have you considered who invented the bra? It all started with Egyptian leather ribbons. Today, we have the opportunity to choose from many modern styles from well-known brands. The history of bras will be told in the following article.

Before finding out who invented the bra, it is necessary to understand which linen was used in ancient times. The history of the first prototypes using modern bras originated in ancient Egypt. Here, women use wide ribbons to support and cover the breasts. In ancient Rome, in ancient times, fair behavior used special garters made of genuine leather or other fabrics available at the time. Their main function is to raise the chest as high as possible and push it towards the body. Young girls use these tapes to reduce breast growth.

In the Middle Ages, tight corsets replaced leather bandages. They have two tight inserts. At that time, gorgeous skirts were not in fashion, and tight-fitting corsets slowed its growth. This kind of underwear greatly limits women’s mobility. It is usually difficult to breathe normally. The inconvenience in daily use has made corsets an unwelcome part of many young girls’ and women’s wardrobes. The design is heavy, and the back has a great burden. In addition, the corset has many hooks, fasteners, and metal parts. Therefore, the process of wearing linen took a long time. This requires the help of servants or relatives. Unable to take off the heavy clothes from himself.

After a while, due to numerous complaints, at the end of the 19th century, Germany raised the issue of abolishing corsets. The idea was quickly approved, and the linen was no longer used soon.

Who invented the bra? It’s time to find out.

When did the first pair of bras appear? France can be regarded as his home country. In an exhibition in 1889, Parisian Hermine Kadol showed the public a new type of underwear. Unlike corsets that only support the chest from below, cover the back and apply an additional load, the new model has only two breast cups and is secured with a shoulder strap. Therefore, starting from the corset in its original form, only its insignificant upper part was retained.

Rumors of a new invention in the fashion industry quickly spread outside France. Two years after its first display, the bra was introduced to Germany. Here, the first batch of mass production patents was issued. The new model has received active support among female audiences in the American continent. Established an underwear standard system. According to the size of the cup, the bra is specially marked. Then models have been established for pregnant women and breastfeeding. In the 1930s, the American company Maidenform, which specializes in underwear production, achieved great success. Started production of bras with adjustable buckles. Both natural and artificial fabrics are used. Use of decorative elements and ornaments has been successfully used. The advancement of new material processing technology and effective cutting methods have promoted the rapid popularity of bras worldwide.

When the popularity of bras was just beginning to grow, no one even thought that bras had other meanings besides functional clothes. The choice of underwear is based only on convenience and practicality. Modern bras have become one of the main ways to emphasize bust, charm, and sexiness. Any branch of the fashion industry can envy many brands and all available models of bras.

Let’s briefly talk about several types of bras.

Daily bras
Daily bras are needed in daily life and require a whole day of work and enthusiasm. This bra must be very supportive and comfortable. This bra is either nude or very light pink, so it matches most of your clothes. I recommend silk or ordinary cotton bras, of course not lace, because lace folds may make them mistaken for golf. It can also be slightly padded to prevent your nipples from being out of sight and keep you warm in winter. For the best lifting effect, you can easily find a bra with a strap above the nipple. The cup should be full, covering 3/4 or 2/3 of the breast to the maximum. The straps should be wide enough to avoid fat spills or poor support on the back.

Multifunctional BRA
In most cases, this bra is our savior. It can be converted from an everyday bra to a backless, racerback, one-shoulder, or completely strapless look. In case of urgent need, it is a convenient and quick solution. This is an adaptable bra type that can be worn with a backless dress, backless neck, or any dress under the sun. You may want nude or black.

With ribbons, mesh, and delicate laces, this bra is perfect for shy eyes at intimate moments. Breathable mesh at the side and top keep you cool and comfortable for a whole day. The simple and elegant lace bandeau bralette bra is suitable for women and girls daily wear, which are well-matched with different clothes, such as skirt, T-shirt, dress, sweater and so on, you can wear the lace bralette while attending parties, doing yoga or relaxing.

Sports BRA
Almost all women have experienced elastic embarrassment once in their lives, so all physically active women need to invest in a good sports bra. This is especially suitable for women with a thicker bust to get extra support and prevent shaking. This can also prevent tissue damage and rupture, thereby avoiding premature sagging. Wide elastic straps and wide band hem provide support for your bust, the best choice for low impact sports and daily wear, set free for your breast. Light compression sits close to keep everything in place and minimizes bounce, elastic band underneath, prevent rolling up.

Niidor Adhesive Bra  
Adhesive strapless bra stereo cup model for women and front buckle design easily gathers your breasts and creates a V-shaped sexy.  It has biological glue inside the cup to help keep the wedding backless bra attached to the breast, suitable for wedding gowns, low-cut outfits, prom and homecoming dresses, or any formal evening dress. This adhesive strapless bra has 7 US standard sizes of A, B, C, D, DD, E, F to meet your more daily needs. Get extra cleavage without the bra straps and say goodbye to all embarrassing occasions!

Maternity Bras   
Nursing and Pumping Bra can be used for breastfeeding, pumping, or both together. A perfect choice for working moms. Easy drop cups for convenient feeding. one-handed clasps & adjustable straps make daytime nurses so easy. For the nighttime nurses, simply cut the thread in the crossover front to pull aside to feed the baby. Wider side panels will diminish side overflow and help keep the bra’s wings to stay put on your sides to give maximum fit and support during daily activities.

Seamless bra
Made of soft and breathable material and lightweight, keep cool and comfortable at all times. Super soft and zero feelings, reduce friction and injury during daily exercise. No hardware, no wires, no seams, very thin and soft. The seamless bra gives an invisible look under clothing, Wireless style conforms to a natural shape that offers effortless comfort. It feels like you are wearing nothing, perfect for sleep and everyday use.

For female friends, underwear is the most intimate clothing. However, many girls wear many years underwear. When they choose underwear, they just follow their feelings, and they don’t even know their exact underwear size.

Please check the following examples which is in order to help you figure out whether or not you have the right bra size by depicting the disadvantages of the wrong size bra.

  • If you have a cup size that is too small, you will need to squeeze your breasts in your bra, this will create a bulge at the top of your bra. If you notice this, everyone else probably notices it too. You will need to increase the size of your bra in order to solve this problem.
  • Your bra is said to be “hiked” up when it pulls up on your back. In order to have the right fitting bra, your band should lay flat along your back just below your shoulder blades. Sometimes, this problem can be fixed simply by making the straps bigger, but other times, it will necessitate a new bra with a bigger band.
  • If you have a bra that does not fit properly, or the straps are not adjusted, you could discover some redness or marks on your body where your bra is too tight. There could be some pain and discomfort experienced with these including itching and burning sensations. These may also lead to permanent scars; therefore you should fix this by adjusting the straps or buying a new bra in the correct size.
  • You should not feel the underwire that is in your bra poke in your skin. If this occurs, it is a result of the bra being too old and worn or not having the right size. If the wire is coming out of the bra, you may be able to take out both wires and continue wearing them.
  • If your breasts are sagging when you wear a bra, you have absolutely no support from it. Whether you are an A cup or a DDD, your breasts should always be sitting upright. If you choose to wear a bra that sags, you may as well wear nothing at all. Try once again to fix it by adjusting the size of the straps, however, if this does not help, you may want to get re-sized and find the right size for you.
  • There should be absolutely no space between your cup and your breasts. If it is loose, you need to get a bra with a smaller cup size.
  • Do you put random objects in your bra? If so, you should not be able to fit anything, meaning that if you can, you do not have the right size. Also, doing this may decrease the life of the bra by damaging it. Although putting a couple of dollar bills in there is not a problem, you should not be putting things like cigarettes or a lighter.

All that being said, these can all be caused by weight gain or loss; therefore a general rule of thumb is that if you lose or gain weight, you should get re-sized and find the right size bra for your new body. That being said, it is also a good idea to get sized yearly as you may not notice any weight gain or weight loss and there may be some, and as we age our breasts tend to sag more. Make sure to have a look in the mirror for all these things, as you will not be the only one noticing if these are happening, others will notice also.

Although most women would give this careful consideration if they were largely busted, it is important to keep it in mind, even if you have a 36aa bra size. Just because you are petite does not mean that you want to wear something that is going to be uncomfortable or perhaps would impact the way that you look negatively. Determining bra size is actually an enjoyable act, as when you get your bra size just right, it can make you look like you have lost 10 pounds, and a whole lot more pert! So let’s just look into how to measure bra size to compliment your figure. That is why it is important for you to be sized for your bra carefully and from that point, you can choose one that is going to be right for you. You can either be checked for your bra size at a lingerie shop locally or you can do so at home, following these instructions.

Let’s look at the first part of how to measure bra size. Your initial measurement should be the band size. In order to take this measurement, you should wear a bra but make sure that it is either unpadded or very lightly lined. By this, I mean the circumference of your body below your breasts at the top of your rib cage. When doing this make sure the tape is not twisted and your arms are by your side. You can use your arms to hold the tape in place or get someone to help. The measurements should be taken down in inches and be a tight (but comfortable) fit. Always round the measurement to the nearest even number, so if the tape comes to 35.5, your band size will actually be 36 inches.

Note: You should ignore the advice that some people give when they say you should add on another two or three inches to this measurement. This is an incorrect way of how to measure bra size, as this advice may have been relevant in the 1930s, but not for determining bra size nowadays with modern bras.

The next and only other measurement you need to take is to measure the fullest part of the bust – the cup. To do this you will need to remove anything that will constrict your movement, as you have to get down on your hands and knees. Keeping your back parallel with the floor, measure around your back and breasts. Round up the number to see how many inches the fullest size of your breast are – this is your bust measurement. Take the band measurement away from this bust measurement and the difference is the cup size. This is how to determine bra size.

1 inch = A cup

2 inches = B cup

3 inches = C cup

4 inches = D cup

5 inches = DD cup

6 inches = E cup

7 inches = F cup

Wearing the right size bra can make you more comfortable and can certainly make you look your best. Settling for a bra that does not fit is going to cause a number of problems. It may cut into your skin because it is too tight or you may constantly have to pull the straps up because they are too loose. Take the time to measure yourself properly. When we are choosing a bra, we should focus more on the comfort and practicality of this bra, rather than on what type of bra our boyfriend or husband wants us to wear. Pamper yourself first, and you will get more pampering. Now you have the know-how, you can share it with your friends if you want, but if you have a daughter you can let her have the secrets you never did. So do teach others how to measure bra size and all look your best.