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Health Effects of Not Wearing a Bra

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A bra or a brassiere is a type of undergarment which is worn by women throughout the world. It is form fitting. It doesn’t matter what the size of your cup is. Many women around the globe are going braless today and enjoying the freedom that comes with not wearing a bra. Women all over the world can advocate the fact that wearing bras is extremely uncomfortable. They have a clasp on the back that is used to fasten the bra. Wearing a bra is constant work. The clasping and unclasping, the constant tricky management of it, the never-ending adjustments – bras are merely a lot of work.

Why do girls wear bras?

Girls wear bras to support their breasts. Regardless of a female’s cup size, the weight of the breasts does lie on the waist and the back. Wearing a well-fitting bra can help take that weight off of these places. Girls also wear bras in for a lot of other purposes including hiding nipples. They consider the protruding of the female nipples inappropriate. It is also worn to delay the process of sagging, to help control sweating and to help show the cleavage.

Is it harmful to not wear a bra?

The main question that arises in people’s minds when told to ditch bras for wireless or strapless bralettes, is whether or not wearing a bra is harmful? 

There is no evidence till date that supports the viewpoint of bras being good for the breasts. Contrary to that, science is showing that bras can be bad for the breasts in the long run. It can cause psychological and physical issues that can result in complications with time. A study conducted in 2013 has shown that women who do not wear bras develop the more natural breast tissue that helps to support the breasts. This study also showed that women who wear bras restrict tissue growth and wearing a bra could cause the breasts to sag, contrary to popular belief.

Benefits of not wearing a bra:

Research has shown that wearing a bra does more harm than good to a woman. Therefore, throwing this garment away in favor of strapless bralettes is a great option. Not only is wearing a bra physically exhausting, but it is also psychologically draining. The fact that women have to go to lingerie stores to get a good fitting bra for a lot of money is plain tiring. Especially, if the said woman would be happier not wearing a bra that she is wearing one. Most women all around the world are much happier letting their breasts free but have to wear bras because so many women have been doing it for so long.

Here are twelve benefits of not wearing a bra: 


A bra is more or less a restricting piece of fabric that is clasped over both your breasts and remains there. When a brassiere is taken off, the sense of freedom is amazing. This is one of the joys of not wearing a bra. The confining feeling that bras are more than apt at providing goes away when a person stops wearing bras. When this happens, a woman feels the freedom to breathe, and the body moves differently and freely as well. There is no confined space for the body to move in and thus not only the woman but the cells of the body breathe as well.

Better shape:

Bras have been in use for centuries. Women have been wearing bras and garments like bras since the times of the ancient Greeks. A belief has been built up that wearing a bra helps to support the breasts and keeps them from sagging under their weight. However, this belief is wrong. When a woman stops wearing a bra, her breast shape gets better rather than getting worse. Studies have shown that women who do not wear a bra have better and firmer breasts than the women who do wear bras regularly.

Great sleep:  

Some women sleep with bras on. This practice is being condemned for ages as it is believed that wearing a bra while sleeping is very likely to cause breast cancer. This is because when women wear bras and sleep in them, their breathing is confined. This confined breathing can create clots as well as tumors within the breast. When a person stops wearing a bra, said a person could enjoy better sleep as well as more comfortable breathing throughout the night. Furthermore, ditching a bra can allow the breasts to move freely and comfortably while sleeping.

Better blood circulation:

When the breasts are kept in the confined space of a brassiere for a long time, the blood circulation gets less. A French study has shown that frequently wearing tight clothes, especially bras over your bosom can cause a decrease in the circulation as compared to the healthy level of blood circulation. When the confining garment is taken off, and the breasts are allowed to move freely, the blood circulation gets better and faster. This is another advantage of not wearing a strapped and wired bra.

Save money!

It is common knowledge that women lingerie is quite expensive if it is good. Ill-fitting bras put all of the weight of the breasts on the shoulders and can thus cause aches. Therefore, wearing ill-fitting bras causes more harm than good to the body. Finding a well-fitting bra at the right price is a feat next to impossible. When a woman stops wearing a bra, she starts saving money in a large proportion. These further add to the joys of not wearing a bra as a girl can save the bucks she’d otherwise be spending on expensive undergarments.

Stronger breasts:

The conception that is not wearing a bra causes the breasts to sag underweight is entirely wrong. Sagging is a process that happens due to the psychological and physical process of aging. The muscle density deteriorates, and the breasts become less firm. People believe that not wearing a bra causes the breasts to sag quicker as compared to women who wear brassier. However, studies have shown that wearing bras actually make the breasts sag quicker and if a bra is taken off, the circulation improves and thus sagging is retarded. Therefore, not wearing a bra makes the breasts stronger.


Wearing a confining garment over your boobs for a prolonged period will cause discomfort. The restraining and restricting feeling provided by the bra alone causes enough discomfort. Another advantage of not wearing a strapped bra is that the uncomfortable sensations that come with wearing a bra go away. The breasts are allowed to move freely and comfortably, and the woman herself feels more at ease.

More tissue:

A French study conducted in 2013 proves that when bras are worn, they lessen the rate of tissue production within the breasts. When this occurs, the breasts are liable to sagging. Furthermore, the limiting of tissue production also limits the growth of the breasts. When a female stops wearing bras, tissue production increases. This can result in less sagging as well as in the growth of the breasts. It has been shown that taking off the bra can increase the cup size up to a considerable degree.


When a confining and restricting garment like a bra is placed and clasped over the breast at all times, it makes the breathing harder. It also makes the respiratory capacity of a person less and can result in that person even acquiring respiratory problems. When a girl stops wearing a bra, the lungs start working at their full capacity and thus the respiratory strength as well as the breathing rate of a person increases. This is another benefit of not wearing a bra. 

Battle with gravity:

Your breasts are at a constant battle with the force of gravity. When an individual wears a bra, the sagging process is not slowed down at all. However, if the breasts are let free, the muscles work to fight against gravity. This makes the breast muscles stronger and results in firmer and perkier boobs. What adds more to this advantage of not wearing bras, is that the process of sagging is retarded as well and the breasts become stronger.

Acquaintance with no straps:

When a girl stops wearing a strapped and wired bra, there are many alternatives in the market that she might turn to. These include cup bras, bralettes, etc. sometimes, a girl is wearing a dress or top that calls for a bra to be worn underneath. In these conditions, it is completely fine and better to wear a strapless bralette instead. These are more comfortable, less confining and provide more room to breathe as compared to traditional bras.

Breaking social norms:

The wearing of bras is also such a pre-determined feminine quality that people think it is inappropriate and unethical to take bras off except only at night when women pop off their bras just like men take off their ties. This gender difference needs to be taken away. If a girl stops wearing a bra, the joys that come with it are amazing. Furthermore, the health advantages of not wearing bras are also great

Celebrities that advocate no-bra:

Many millennial celebs today are simply not losing their battle to the bra prison and keep on advocating not wearing a bra. There is also an international no-bra day that takes place each year. Among these celebrities, some famous names are Rihanna, the singer who has publicly advocated not wearing strapped bras. Kendall Jenner, one of the most famous names of the world, has also announced her love for not wearing bras. Furthermore, Britney Spears, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others advocate the abandonment of bras for good.


Therefore, keeping in view the benefits and joys that come with not wearing bras, it is better to abandon traditional brassier in favor of something better and much more comfortable. This would not only be better for an individual’s health but would also save them a lot of money that they spend on buying lingerie.  

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