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How to Choose a Strapless Bra

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For anyone sickeningly tired of losing their bra straps, going braless may be the next start. But why go braless when you can actually go strapless? Fact is, you’re not alone. To most people, keeping bras off their lingerie box is because of those annoying straps showing up whenever they put on shoulder-revealing dresses. Which are the ideal dresses in summer? Hence, the need for a strapless bra. But here you are, eagerly ready to know how to choose a strapless bra that’s perfect for you. Because there are cons cluttering around these bras that need no straps to do the trick. You want to get ahead of the curves and get all the comfort and peace of mind your money worth. Don’t sweat it. Because right here, we will help you with all the golden nuggets. Not shabby? But let’s get started with learning how to fit these braziers before buying them. Read the guide below.

How to Choose a Strapless Bra

Sizing: Measure your size correctly.

1 Band Size:

The band on a strapless bra is the only thing that gives you support. Here’s a little tip for a more comfortable breast-holding experience. Down the size of the band because it is your only support here and doing this increases the grip. You may be a 34C regularly but in a strapless, your sister size of 32D fits better. Once the band is smaller for more fighting effect, you will be able to go down the worries. However, you should do this by adjusting it after wearing your bras. Remember that the band should be snug, but not too snug. It should never hurt or cut off your circulation.

2 Cup size:

Cup size could also differ from your regular bra size.

 How to Fit: You may go down in the band size and up in the cup to ensure the tightest fit possible when choosing a strapless bra.

Underwire: Underwire offers shape and support. A bra whose underwire pokes into the breast is too small, while a bra whose underwire pokes into the armpit is too big.

 How to Fit: For an underwire no-strap breast holder, raise your right arm above your head. And gently push your left breast up to see your crease. The crease is the boundary between where your breast tissue ends and where your chest wall begins. This is where you snuggly fit the wire. Do this also for your right breast to complete fitting the wire. The cups should hold you instantly.

Hook: The strapless bras with hook and eye option tend to stay up well and offer more support compared with those without.

 How to Fit: If you’re going for one with a hook, stand looking at a mirror and wrap it around you. Hold the hands apart with the cups behind you. Fit the hook together and gently turn the cups below your breast. Finally, slowly draw it up till the breast is covered.

Pad: If you have small breasts, it is better to choose a padded strapless bra for better lift. Padded bra is not recommended for women with large breasts, though.

 How to Fit: for a padded bra, whether with adhesive, hook, band, or one with underwire, the case is different. In this case, you have to consider the hardness and mass of the pad. If it’s a big pad in the case of adhesive, hook the clips and place the two coverings all at once, then follow the steps as explained above.

For a hook padded one, at the last stage of the process explained above, adjust the hook till the pads are not leaving any space around your bosom.

And for an underwire, press the foam hard on your chest when snug-fitting around your crease. Lastly, for a band, this time, the band should be increased to accommodate the pad.

Adhesive: If you’d like to buy a self-adhesive bra, check the bras with a silicone lining inside the bra cup. Silicone is what makes it possible to stick on your breasts. Silicone adhesive bras are also great choices for backless clothing.

There are two main types of adhesive bras.

Type 1: Pure silicone bras. Material of inner and outer cup is pure silicone.

Type 2: Half silicone bras. Inner cup is layered with silicone, and outer cup is made from fabric.

 How to Fit: Connect the clips at the tip of the two cups. Stand at the front of a mirror and put the cups one at a time on your breast. Do this by placing the first one below your nipple. Continue with the second by squeezing your breast into it and you’re happy. However, if you’re wearing a v-neck shape dress or an open shoulder, adjust the cups accordingly.

Straps: Strapless bras? Straps? Here we are saying that you could buy bras that whose straps are removable. If you do not want to be strapless, then you can wear regular bras.

Things to Lookout for When Picking A Breast-holder For Your Small Breasts

  • Extra pads: make sure it comes with extra pads to support your breast and give more cleavages by pushing it up.
  • Soft pads: check the pads. Are they not too hard? Remember you are on the lookout to buy comfort and happiness. So if the pad is too hard and will draw lines on your skin or make you feel breathless, don’t draw your wallet out for it.
  • Hooks: for small cups, a two rows and two columns hook pattern is advisable. This way, it’s easier to get your bust in shape.

Adhesive: no need to worry about a stick on for small boobs. As long as there are other supports like underwire made available. However, a stick on is not a sin.

Strapless Bra for Small Breasts

Petite bust? No problem. You don’t need an oversized strapless coverage for your bosom to look big. You will be losing out on the comfort and it won’t look good on you. Allow me to show you the kind of coverage you need and what to look out for in them. I will include the molded pad styles and the convertible ones with extra padding (removable pads). See below.

A Gel Touch Push Up Padded Bra


For any of those days, you’d want to look bigger. When you want more cleavage, this gel touchpad is your go to. It features contoured underwire cups with comfortable gel padding. Better than the hard pads, the padding pushes your bust up with zero discomforts. It comes also with adhesives under the underwire that stick on your skin painlessly. Adding to the support, just in case you change your mind to go for straps, there are fixable straps provided. Finally, as a further description, the gel touch push up padded breast-holder has three columns, two rows hook pattern.

Lace Bandeau With Scalloped Edging


Most ideally for summer or beach party, the lace bandeau bra without straps is finely knitted for you. Made with light lace to give your bust enough room needs for natural growth, this fairy bandeau has scalloped edging. The scalloped edging has silicone, enabling them to rest delicately on your chest. You’d consider them for your v-neck outfits. Won’t you?

Multiway Non-Padded Lace With Side Boning


Love floral lace? Hands down. This multi-way unpadded lace bra is made with floral lace to suit your taste. It has a mesh lining that is easy on the skin, side boning support, and the underwire is a plus to prevent sliding. There’s also silicone at the top edges to eliminate the slipping out of the breast.

Adhesive Backless with center clasp


Stick-on braziers with a frontal clasp are manageable. They are the best for anyone who regularly has less time to spend in front of a mirror trying to make all the things in the world look right. All you need to do is connect the clasp together just like I have explained in the section “how to fit your bra”. Then allow the adhesive to do the work for you. With the ease to fit it apart, as a backless bra, you’re equipped with something to keep your bust in good shape in those open-back dresses. Tada!

U-shape center push up strapless bra


Hello, lovers of plunging neckline dresses. It’s time to give your plunging neckline all the undergarment support they deserve with these U-shape center push-up cups. The pads are reasonably massive to add extra juices to your bust from the inside to the outside. They are soft and won’t hurt your skin as most foam pads do. How lovely!

Nipple covers


There are two main types of nipple covers, one type with all silicone (inner and outer), the other with inner silicone outer fabric. Again, I’d say all silicone is less breathable than half silicone.

Technically nipple covers can’t be regarded as an option for going strapless unless you don’t wish to wear binding bras someday. Nipple covers are a great option for going braless, though.

Things to Lookout for When Picking A Breast-holder For Big Breasts

Heads up! These are what you should have in mind to successfully make a right pick.

  • Size: trying that bra out before taking it home won’t hurt. So, make an assurance you’re buying your size. Don’t just take the size written on it for it.
  • Full coverage: dear chubby. Your bust shouldn’t be sliding out by no means. So, get full coverage to pack it all in one shape.
  • Band: the smaller the band, the bigger the chances of having the best tug. So go for a small band.

Strapless Bra For Big Breasts

Are you chubby? Getting a size that actually stacks your bosom in is work even when you’re going for bras with straps. So, how much more for anyone wanting to go strapless? But notwithstanding, there’s always a way around the fashion world. Don’t worry. Put up a smile as you push your cart forward, picking these awesome without-straps XLs. Don’t be surprised if I leave out the padless ones because you certainly don’t need the extra support to cut in more meat.

Underwire Wacoal Halo Convertible


Saggy breast? Not a thing to worry about. If you want that oh-so-perky look for those saggy bells, this is your thing. The Wacoal Halo convertible come in lace bandeau that adds cuteness to your bosom. The stick on is medical-grade and will prevent sliding without leaving irritating lines lying around anywhere on you. And just as I have stated above that you need no padding, the Wacoal Halo Convertible is paddled because you have enough meat stack up on your chest. And you don’t want to add to it. No, not if you’re greedy. Lol. But if you want to add to your size, you’ll want to check out the next one.

Convertible Wacoal Red Carpet Bra


So, you want to boost an already huge bust. Isn’t it? No worries. This red carpet got you covered. This convertible brazier comes with gripper strips at the edge of the cups is known for how smartly it keeps ladies in shape. It is built with soft foams to satisfy your craving for more chest size. And the foam cups are built in such a way that your nips will be kept from showing underneath your dress. Let’s think of it.

Strapless bra—Goddess Adelaide


Want a fuller cup bra to cover the whole chest? So that you don’t have anything sliding out in any way? This Goddess Adelaide full cups will mold big size breast into round melons and keep them warm with the sexy lace at the top edges. It comes with vertical boning to keep you fit and your breast in place.

Truly Smooth Strapless Bra—Natori


Still, want to add more joys to your melons? I’ve added to your options with the truly smooth strapless bra. According to those who reviewed it, it is the most comfortable to wear under shoulders revealing dress. And here’s a short description of it. It has foam-lined cups that are not too hard but enough to shape your oh-so-perky. The hook and eye closure are three columns to give you more fitting options. What more could you ask for? It’s made with the cotton blend to give you comfort.


The clothing industry has exhibited tremendous growth in fashion over the years. But no outfit can serve its purpose if you are not wearing a proper fit bra. The non-fitted bra can cause health issues as well. If your bra is too loose-fitting, you will suffer from posture problems and if it is extremely tight, you will end up with rashes and breathing problems. The strapless bra comes in handy at all time. And they come in various sizes, styles, and makes. This will leave you wondering on how to buy a good strapless bra or how to choose a strapless bra that’s perfect for you. With the guide we’ve provided, you’re all set to get up and running in that made-just-for-you strapless bra for ladies.



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