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How to Clean Adhesive Bra

how to clean adhesive bras
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An adhesive bra is not an ordinary bra. Thus, cleaning it requires a special method; otherwise, you could destroy it or remove its adhesive feature.

Given its special quality, you might not even be able to enjoy and maximize its sticky feature if not cleaned, washed, and dried properly. Get a load of these tips on how to wash an adhesive bra.

Why Should You Wash An Adhesive Bra?

Good hygiene requires it.

First, for hygienic purposes, you have to care for your adhesive bra. If not, you could get skin irritation and develop a skin disease after repeated usage. You know that moisture is the breeding place for bacteria and an excellent medium for its reproduction.

After sweating a lot, your adhesive bra may have acquired bacteria and fungus may even grow from it. You should not allow these bacteria and fungus to get in contact with one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Besides, you can’t wear a sticky bra that is oily and smelly. Through time, the skin produces oil that is absorbed by your sticky bra. Thus, it should be cleaned before using again.


You don’t want it to fall mid-wear.

Unwashed self-adhesive bras are scary. They could make you lose face by falling anytime anywhere. Imagine talking in front of your customers, and you realized that your bra fell to your feet. Self-adhesive bras lose their stickiness when not properly cared for.

With the rule of wear and tear, each user should be accompanied by cleaning so as to preserve its life and longevity. So don’t embarrass yourself by simply ignoring the religious practice of cleaning your stick-on bra for everyday use every time after using it. Besides, you can save more money by preserving the life of your bra. You don’t need to run to the store again and purchase one every now and then.

When to wash an adhesive bra?

Before you learn how to wash a stick-on bra, you need to determine the timing first. Do you believe that washing your adhesive bra actually prolongs its life? So I was you, I would wash it after every use. The thing is, you don’t want your bra to accumulate bacteria so you better wash it right after taking it off. Even if you don’t have plans of wearing it in the near future, it is still best to wash it in order to preserve its stickiness.

Not only that, you avoid the hassle of washing grime. In case you are snowed under and don’t have time to wash it, wipe the sticky side and let it dry before storing. Then go back to it if you find time and wash it.

How To Wash An Adhesive Bra

Washing an adhesive bra is not too complicated. You just have to remember some things and do them. Here is a step-by-step process that could serve as your guide.

1. Prepare the water.

The first step on how to wash the stick on the bra is to have your water ready. Warm water is preferred as it easily removes dirt and oil. It also softens grime easily.

2. Use the recommended soap or detergent.

Check with your bra manufacturer if there is a recommended soap or detergent to be used in washing. If there is none, you may use any special cleanser of your choice. If the latter is not available, plain hand soap will do.

Remember to use mild soap though. Using mild soap will not disrupt the fibers of the adhesive bra as it is gentle for the skin. Also, do not use bleach or alcohol. They have abrasive effects and they contain strong chemicals that could destroy your bra.


3. Apply soapy water to the adhesive part.

Do not soak the entire bra into the soapy water. Use your fingers to get soapy water and use it to cleanse the adhesive part in a circular motion. In cases of grim or dirt that stuck on the bra for so long, applying pressure with your hands will help remove the dirt. Avoid using your fingernails to remove the dirt. Even brush and towels are not allowed because they can ruin the cups.

4. Clean the body of the bra.

In this step, you may dip the entire bra into the soapy water. Use your fingers to clean the body part of the bra. Here, rubbing the adhesive part to the inside part of the cups would also help in washing your sticky bra.

5. Rinse.

Rinsing is an indispensable step when learning how to wash a stick-on bra. First, you will need to open your tap and hold your bra below it. It is best to use warm running water in this process for easier rinsing. Make sure to press the cups so that the adhesive part will be washed and the loosened dirt will be washed away. Make sure that you rinse well.

6. Assess the effectiveness of the washing process.

Remove your bra from the tap and look at all sides. See if the process was able to cleanse your self-adhesive bra in all parts.

7. Repeat the process if necessary.

The last step on how to wash an adhesive bra is to actually repeat the process if need be. If you are not satisfied with the washing, you may repeat it again from step one until your adhesive bra is thoroughly cleansed from dirt.

How To Dry An Adhesive Bra

Drying your bra properly constitutes a fundamental part of care for an adhesive bra. After rinsing your stick-on bra, it is important that you know how to dry it properly to avoid ruining the cups and the materials that it is made of. Take a look at these simple tips.

1. Never tap dry using a towel.

A towel seems harmless, but believe me, it could ruin the silicone in adhesive bras. I bet you hate to see a lint trail on your bra after drying.

2. Use the air.

Air drying is the best way to dry your sticky bra. With the adhesive side facing up, place the bra on a flat surface and let it dry naturally. Usually, it takes overnight for the drying process to be completed.

3. Hooking also works.

If you want to dry your self-adhesive bra faster, you may utilize the drip drying technique. Just hook your bra on a hanger or a towel rack and let the dripping process complete its work. This technique works best if you washed the entire self-adhesive bra.

4. A fan may be helpful.

It is not bad to use a fan to dry your bra if you are in a hurry. However, do not use a hairdryer in lieu of a fan.

5. Keep away from direct heat.

In drying, keep your bra away from direct sunlight. Also, keep them away from radiators. Heat can damage the silicone.

6. Use the original packing.

Do not store your sticky bra anywhere. If you store it with other bras, it may stick on drawer walls or any other thing. If that happens, the stickiness may weaken. The best thing to do is to store your bra in its original packing as it comes with a plastic that is compatible with the adhesive part of your bra.

What Will Affect The Adhesiveness?


Even before you learn how to wash a sticky bra, you should establish what causes the stickiness in the first place. No matter how strong the adhesives of your tacky bras are, there are things that affect the adhesiveness. It is important to keep them in mind when putting on or storing your tacky bra. You won’t be able to make them stick effectively if the following are present: water, moisturizer, perfume, powder, oil, creams, and lotions.

When putting on your bra, stick it only to your chest when it is dry. As water affects adhesiveness, your bra may not be put on properly and may fall mid-wear. Also, avoid applying moisturizer, talcum powder, cream or lotion to your chest area before applying tacky bra as they may affect tackiness. Make sure that they are not present as well in the place where you store your tacky bra. This way, you will find the process on how to wash sticky bra much simpler.

What To Do To Extend The Lifespan Of The Adhesive Bra?

There are many ways to extend the lifespan of your torture bra (tack bra). Consider the practical ways below:

Remove your bra slowly and carefully. This is the first and foremost preservation technique that you can do. Even if you want to remove your bra immediately, you have to do it slowly because it can be painful if you remove it quickly. It could also leave adhesives on your skin. If the bra is difficult to remove, use baby oil and cotton balls. Put the soaked cotton balls in the area and peel them off after ten seconds.

Hand washes your torture bra (tack bra). Do not wash your torture bra in washing machines or put them in dryers. Washing machines can deform the shape of your bra while the heat in dryers can damage the silicone part of your bra.

Wash your tack bra immediately. To avoid the development of grim or the drying of dirt, wash your tack bra immediately after use. Upon removal, make sure that you take time to wash it so that the dirt won’t stick long. Oil from skin and dirt can lessen the tackiness if left for a long time.


What Do I Do With My Adhesive Bra If It Doesn’t Stick Anymore?

If the adhesives in your bra do not stick anymore, find the reason why. Maybe, it was not cleaned and stored properly. If there is oil or dirt on it, then clean it.

However, the best way to regain tackiness is to wash your sticky bra with soap and water. They have a built-in system that makes them sticky again after washing. If they don’t regain tackiness after washing, then it is time to say goodbye and buy a new one.


If you have ever been wondering how to wash an adhesive bra, it is important to remember that the care of a sticky bra is time-consuming as compared to an ordinary bra. However, it is indispensable if you want your bra to last longer with its stickiness preserved. Also, you will get used to it sooner than you know.

After a couple of tries, you won’t consume a long time the next time you wash your self-adhesive bra.