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How To Measure Your Bra Size?



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Various market research indicates that as many as 60-80% of women around the world wear a badly sized bra size. This is because most of them don’t know how to measure bra size. The result is not only discomfort, but also unpleasant impressions and abrasions, and above all, the aesthetic effect that is far from desired. Cups stand out, chest gets out of them, and side straps create underneath tight dress inelegant grooves. In a word, it is hardly surprising that so many women talk about the bra as a burden and cannot wait to come home and take it off or replace it with an old, stretched model. But fortunately, after reading this comprehensive guide, you’ll never have to deal with this problem again in life.

Bra Sizes – How Do They Work?

The ideal bra should be above all comfortable and properly matched to your bust. Bra size measurement consists of two parts: numbers and letters. The number refers to the circumference of our chest under the bust, while the letter – the size of the cup. Keep in mind that it is not the straps, but mainly the bra’s circumference is responsible for the proper support of the bust. When the bra is too loose in the circumference it is not able to support the weight of the breast. A properly selected cup will allow you to emphasize the qualities of the bust, by adding firmness and specific shape. Remember, a badly chosen cup is not only a cause of discomfort but even deformation.

In order to measure yourself, you’ll need…

Before we start looking for the perfect bra size calculator, let’s check exactly what size we are. We can go to a bra fitter, many lingerie stores provide this service free of charge, but we can also do it ourselves at home. Where to start? We have to measure two circuits – the circumference of the bust and the circumference under the bust. We will need an ordinary tailor’s scoop (there are also special scoops for a bra fitting, but they are usually unnecessary).

woman measuring bust size with measuring tape

Step 1 – Measure Your Band Size

The circumference under the bust is best measured on a bare body, also without a bra. Standing straight in front of the mirror, without a bra, we wrap ourselves tightly with a tape measure just under the bust. You should look around at whether the scoop line is everywhere at the same height and does not go up or down on your back. Do not squeeze too much or leave the ribbon too loose. Remember not to exaggerate with inhalation and exhalation, because it may disturb the measurement. Sizes under the bust are fixed every 5 cm – 65 cm, 70 cm, 75 cm, etc. If we get a result between sizes, e.g. 73, we lower it to an adjacent size, in this case, 70 cm. This is what we need to obtain a correct result from a bra size calculator.

Step 2 – Measure Your Cup Size

The second step is to correctly determine the size of the cup. We make the measurement in the bra (preferably soft or stiffened, without additional inserts inside). At the measurement, it is worth to slightly lean forward, which will give a more precise result. Put the measuring tape to the chest at their widest point, more or less at the height of warts. Make sure that the measure touches slightly to the body, but does not overly clench.

how to measure bra size

Step 3 – Calculator  

Now you should find your measurements in the bra size chart. The result obtained from the measurement under the bust will allow you to specify a matching circuit. In the first column of the table, find your circuit. For example, if you get a value between 68-72cm from measurement, then your size will be 70 when 73-77cm – it’s 75.

Then, in a line corresponding to your circumference under the bust, find the right bra size that matches the breasts’ circumference. This will allow you to determine the size of the cup. If your circumference is 75 and you have 92 cm in your breasts, then you should choose a cup C. Combining results will give the bra full size.

In the above case, it will be 75C.

Bra Size Chart

As already mentioned, always use a soft measuring tape to determine bra size. If you intend to buy the bras calibrated in US measurement standards, you can note down the measurements in inches. Otherwise, you can note down the measurements in centimeters. If you haven’t decided yet and just wanted to know the right bra size, then you can record the measurement in both inches and centimeters. This would allow you to shop painlessly. Failing to measure the bra size in one of the measurements is no big deal as well. You will be able to easily convert the bra sizes measured in US standards to UK standards too. Please find the simple conversion bra size chart below. You can use this as a reference to convert the determined bra size using one measuring system to another effortlessly.

Numerous bra size converters are available online. You can make use of those to convert the determined bra size to any measuring standards with ease.

Sister Sizing

Women’s lingerie contains many strange expressions. Probably more than once you heard the term “sister sizing”, but do you know what it means? Most of the women need this information to make the correct decision and find the right bra size.

bra size chart

Manufacturers use different solutions when it comes to the correlation between the size of the cup and the circumference. In the case of sister size, increasing the size under the bust causes reduction of the letter of the cup size, but the volume of the cup remains unchanged. For example 75D = 80C. This may be helpful if the brain your size does not match with your manufacturer. Here we have some tips for you that will let you know how to measure your bra size. Have a look at the chart and follow these guides:

  • If the cups seem good, but the bra is too loose under the bust – try the neighboring size on the left. E.g. 75D – for 70E.
  • If the cups seem good, but the bra is too tight under the bust – try the size on the right. E.g. 75D – at 80C.
  • If the bra seems good under the bust, but the cups are too small – take the size below in the table. For example, if you bought 75D – at 75E.
  • If the bra seems good under the breasts, but the cups are too big – take the size. For example, if you bought 75D – at 75C.

If your breasts are two different sizes, round up.

asymmetrical boobs

What does it mean that breasts are uneven? Our bodies are not symmetrical; this also applies to the bust. This means that one breast is larger than the other. Breast asymmetry is a totally normal phenomenon. It is rare for a woman to have two identical breasts. Many women think that only they are concerned and that this is an issue.

Most of them are worried about the fact that they have a “big” asymmetry. In most cases, this discrepancy does not exceed 1 cup size and does not require special treatments when choosing the right size. Asymmetry greater than 1 size also happens quite often. The asymmetry can be visually equalized with a suitable bra or through the use of special inserts.

Depending on the case, we choose the size of a larger breast, or so that the cup was a little too small for a larger breast, and a little too big for a smaller one. Here it is worth refining what exactly means “a little bit” – a little too big bowl, for instance, one whose material is slightly wrinkled, but not too large for the breast to bounce at it freely.

This solution has a chance to check with a soft or semi-soft bra, in which the soft part of the cup gently works, adapting to the breast. It is more about distinguishing between the slightly flexible edge of the bowl and thick embroidery.

Converting Bra Sizes

Sometimes, in order to equalize the asymmetry, we need to make the use of special correction inserts. It is not just an optical adjustment of breast size. Greater asymmetry results in uneven spine loads and posture defects. Usually, you do not feel this every day, the difference is noticeable after balancing the weight of both breasts.

For this reason, it is recommended to use gel pads instead of sponges to correct the asymmetry greater than to 1 cup size. Because the lightweight foam pad does not compensate for the weight of the breast, it only gives an optical effect, and besides, the foam pads are not available in different sizes and shapes – this is also important. So make sure you use the best bra size calculator before purchasing anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have various doubts on your hunt to determine the right bra size. Few most commonly raised concerns are mentioned underneath. Let’s perceive the information about them to assist the bra size measurement.

  1. Let’s go back to sizes. Say you’re a 34B, and you think your band size is too large. Do you go to a 32B?

Yes. That’s true if there is no change in the cups even now. When you determined the bra size as 34B, it means your underbust measurement is 34 inches and the cup size is 2 inches. In other words, your bust size is 36 inches. Put differently, if you find underbust measurement as 32 now, you need to calculate the bra size once again to get an accurate measurement.

  1. Say you need a cup size smaller than a 36A. What happens then?

36AA bras can be chosen in this scenario. AA is smaller than A by one cup size, and AAA is smaller than AA by one cup size. You can choose the appropriate one as per your bra size measurement.

  1. Wait, double letters mean the cup size is smaller? I thought that meant they were bigger — like DD.

We can’t generalize that double letter cup sizes are smaller or bigger. DD cup size is larger than that of D, whereas AA cup size is smaller than that of A. If you encounter any confusion on this front, please refer to the bra size chart to determine bra size.


After reading our guide, you probably know how to determine bra size, and you are no longer doomed to buy and wear a badly chosen bra. Most women neglect this very important for health process. If you have such friends, let them know how important is to know bra size calculate.  Typically, the main reason for this is laziness or buying from habits without trying out. Sometimes, however, it is caused by incorrectly measuring the circumference under the bust or a wrongly chosen cup. To avoid this, the next time you go to the store to purchase a new bra, spend more time than usual. Start your preparations before going to the lingerie store.

Despite the fact that you think you know your size well, make exact measurements again. This time, however, use our tips. It will not take you much time, and it can have a profound impact on your health and well-being.

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