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How to pack your bra when traveling

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When preparing for travel and vacation, you often need to pack your luggage, including all kinds of clothing, shoes, and toiletries. But the most annoying thing for female friends is how to pack the bra, because the bra is very likely to occupy a lot of space in the suitcase or damage the shape of the cup, and the bra is an item that almost all women need to wear. And the type should also be packaged according to the length of travel time and the type of clothes.

Ordinary bra packing

1. Bra travel case

Now on Amazon, there are many specially designed for packing bras. The inside of the box is designed with a semi-circular or a space consistent with the shape of the bra to place the bra to ensure that the shape of the bra can be maintained. You can choose to invest in a bra suitcase, which can put the bra directly in it. Basically, if you put 3 bras, it will fill the suitcase, which is suitable for long-distance travel. If you are afraid that the bra will shake the bra during the transportation, you can use socks or underwear to fill the inside of the cup, which can effectively prevent the bra from being squeezed during the luggage transportation. But for female friends who need to pack more luggage, bra suitcases will take up a lot of space and cause other items to fail or require multiple suitcases to pack, which is very troublesome; if you don’t need to pack as many Bras, bra suitcases may take up a lot of space and affect the placement of other items. bag

In the case of not preparing a bra suitcase or only needing to prepare fewer bras, you can choose to use a zip bag to pack the bra. When packing bras, you first need to stack all the bras and lay them flat in a zip bag; then fold small and soft clothing such as socks or underwear into a cup and fill them; then seal the seals but keep some air so that you can Cushion protects the bra; finally, put the zip bag on top of the suitcase to avoid being squeezed by other items when the suitcase is being transported. Note that it is best to choose a new or clean zip bag to avoid stains or bacteria on the bra. If you don’t have a zip bag, you can use another bag. Make sure that there is room for the bra and that it will not slip out of the bag during handling.

Luggage compartment with zipper

3. Luggage compartment with zipper

Many suitcases have special zip compartments that can be placed in the zip compartment to separate the bra from other clothing. Fix the bra straps’ hooks together, and then place the straps and straps in the cup to prevent the hooks from damaging other clothes or bras; fold and bend two cups to make one of them overlap to save space; other bras Place them together in the compartment in the same way towards the end; finally, fill the cup with smaller clothes and zip up. This method is only suitable for short distances. When you arrive at the destination, you need to take out the bra as soon as possible and restore it to its original shape, keep it flat and put it in a drawer or a separate space to avoid harming the shape of the bra. This method is not suitable if you only use your backpack to pack your luggage.

4. Use a bra cleaning bag

The bra cleaning bag should be owned by every woman’s home. It can distinguish the bra from other clothes that need to be washed to prevent the bra hooks from catching bad clothes or intertwining with the clothes and causing the bra to deform. The bra cleaning bag can also be used to pack the bra. Just fold the bra in half and fill the cup with soft clothes such as socks. Finally, zip it and place it on the top of the suitcase. If there is extra space, you can fill the corners of the cleaning bag with other clothing to be packed, saving space in the luggage compartment. This is a very practical method. You don’t need to spend extra money to buy a bra travel case while protecting the shape of the bra.

Silicone bra packing

The packing of silicone bras is more complicated than the packing process of ordinary bras. The adhesiveness of silicone is very fragile. Once attached to the fabric of the clothes, it is difficult to wash off and damage the silicone bra. Therefore, pay attention to protect the viscosity of silicone when packing silicone bras. Need to protect the shape of the bra.

Use plastic film. When packing silicone bras, first use the film pasted on the bra when buying a bra to stick the silicone part to prevent the silicone from sticking to the fabric and losing its stickiness. If the film is damaged or lost, you can choose a plastic film that can be peeled off to stick the silicone part, and cut the plastic film into a suitable shape (the size of the plastic film should exceed the size of the silicone, to avoid connecting other silicone bras). It is best not to use plastic wrap to cover the silicone because it will lose its shape after being torn off. Otherwise, when you need to return home after the trip, you will find that there is no thin film that can be covered by the silicone. The plastic wrap is hard to find during the journey unless you Put all plastic wrap in the trunk.

Use the box. If the luggage space can be placed in a silicone bra box, the bra can be stored in the box after covering the silicone; but there is no box or the luggage space is small, you can choose to use a plastic bag to pack the bra to avoid contact between the silicone bra and other clothing. Finally, put the silicone bra on top of the trip too. However, it is best to choose a plastic material for the bag to avoid the silicone sticking and hurting the bra. If you have enough money, you can also choose to invest in a silicone bra storage box, which is shaped like a shell and can be placed in it and takes up very little space.



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