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How to Prevent Your Strapless Bras from Falling – Reasons and Solutions



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Strapless bras are some of the essential apparel for billions of women across the globe, but one thing that is very common with them all is that many complain of severe issues and problems with these strapless bras. One of the most common of these complaints is the falling of the bras. A strapless bra can only be thoroughly enjoyed when it stands fully in place firmly and adequately but keeping such a bra in place is the headache of so many. In this piece, we will take a look at the causes and the numerous tips on how to prevent the strapless bra from falling off – so women can enjoy value for their money.

Common reasons why strapless bras fall  

By design, strapless bras are quite different from traditional or conventional bras. For a variety of reasons, these bras fall from time to time, and here are some of the regular reasons:

-Worn out elastic materials:

In a case where the elastic materials have become very weak and worn-out, they cannot fully support the weight of the bras anymore, and this results in falling.

-Heavy elements inside the bra:

In some other cases, it might be the presence of really heavy elements inside the bras that add to the overall weight, dragging down the bras in the process. The heavier the elements used in the components for the bra, the higher the probability of the bras falling.

-Absence of rubber or silicone tape: 

Silicone tapes and rubber have found extensive use in the bra-making industry because they add to the integrity of the overall structure of the bra. In cases where these items are absent, support for the bra is reduced, and it starts to fall.

-Band issues: 

In situations where the bands are too narrow or loose, then there is the possibility of the bra falling off or sliding down while in use.

-Loose structure: 

Ladies need to realize that because strapless bras are designed to function differently, they also have different sizes and the ideal size should be selected so as not to end up with a loose one.


Yes, it is expected for a bra that is worn-out and old to fall off – either it is with straps or strapless. To ensure maximal durability, select the bras that fit on every layer of the hooks while you are making your purchase. In other cases where your bras are older than 12 months, then it is time to replace them.

bras hanging

What can be done to prevent strapless bras from falling

-Buy the one with rubber or silicone fixtures:

Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes and the same thing applies in the acquisition of strapless bras. The ones that come fitted with rubber or silicone lining provide the best level of support and comfort without falling at all. This is one of the most critical steps that can be taken in ensuring the bras do not end up falling off. Rubber linings or sticky adhesive grips allow the bra to grip and adhere to the skin thus holding it in place. But for people who have issues with silicone reacting with their skin, it is essential that they use rubber instead of silicone. For those who are not allergic to silicone or those without extra sensitive skins, then silicone grips are the best options as far as keeping a strapless bra in place is concerned.

-Get the right band size:

Although not many women love bra straps, they are significant in providing much-needed support for women. So, in cases where the strapless bras are sliding down, it is better to select the one with the correct band because in many cases, the bras will fall because the band is too narrow. Always remember that the sole source of support is the band so this factor must be considered, and this is an effective method to keep strapless bras in place.

-Cup the breasts properly:

As a result of the fact that strapless bras generally do not have straps to support them, it is essential that you place the cups in such a way that they fully cover the whole breasts. Leaving out flesh and fat on the sides of the bra will only contribute to its falling even more. So, cupping the breasts is a must.

-Get the best out of the hooks:

As a result of the fact that strapless bras often come with two pairs of hooks or sleeves, it is possible for you to link up the strap to the hook placed on the right or the left. This hook places the bra firmly in place too and is quick to execute. This hook looping brings to mind another tip: whenever you are buying strapless bras, always go for the one that fits best when the loosest hook is used. Over time, the bra loses its elasticity, but when one buys the one which the loosest hook is very much intact, it will have its durability extended. Therefore, try out the hooks first before settling for the one to choose.

bras hook and eye

-Pick the right size:

As hinted earlier, strapless bras function differently, and as a result, they are different too when it comes to selecting the perfect size. For example, you have to choose a band that is one point smaller than the one you use with a regular bra. What that means is that if you wear a size 34 band, a size 32 band will be perfect for you when going strapless to keep a strapless bra up. So, you have to choose the one that is smaller than your regular size, but you should avoid going too small, so it will not be too tight or become useless when it loses its elasticity due to constant usage.

-Make use of pins:

As simple as safety pins are; they can be incredibly useful for women when the time comes to put the strapless bra in place. Ideally, one pin is needed for one cup, but more can be used if need be. But no matter the number or location of the pins used, it is essential to ensure that they are properly concealed and must never appear. The safety pins should always be fixed on the inner layer, so they do not poke out in any way. They can also be used in another way to hold the band in the posterior together with the clothing – you may need to get someone to assist you to do this though as not everyone is flexible enough to attach pins to the bra band at the back.

-Ensure the accompanying apparels are on point:

In many cases, the problem is not even with the strapless bras that slip down but with the dress you are wearing. No matter how great your strapless bra is, the wrong outfit will ruin it. Therefore, in using strapless bras, it is equally important to also put enough consideration to other components of fashion especially the dress. The right dress will complement and provide the right amount of support to the strapless bra so attention should be paid to this very well.

woman wearing off shoulder dress

-Never compromise when it comes to quality: 

When going to make purchases for strapless bras, it is best to always go for the ones of the highest quality, even if that means spending more. In most of the cases where ladies go for the cheapest options, the results are always unappealing. For ladies who are on the bigger side, it is still a cool idea to go for the ones with underwires fixed in them or those with unlined cups as these features provide even more support. Doing this is one of the best ways to keep a strapless bra from falling.

-Stay away from lotions and creams:

If you want to enjoy your strapless bras that come with rubber or silicone linings, then it is very crucial to avoid skin lotions and creams – stay dry in those regions. These creams will reduce the friction between your skin and bras and thus lead to them slipping off. So, although creams and lotions are appropriate for the body, you need to carefully consider the impact they always have on strapless bras when applied. Many ladies may not be aware of this, and that is why it is being pointed out now on tips on how to prevent the strapless bra from falling off. 

-Be open-minded when choosing: 

Instead of always going for only molded cups, you can decide to go for the seamless bandeaus as they stay in place better and even offer a higher degree of comfort. However, this is not the cutest option for those with extra-large busts.

-Select the ones with extra support and features:

Not all strapless bras are created the same way. Some strapless bras are shaped like bodices because of the extra support they will provide, and these are excellent choices when it comes to hints on how to prevent the strapless bra from falling off.

-Tape them:

For those who may not know how to attach their bras to their dresses, then there is an old classic technique of using adhesive tapes. The method is quite easy as all it involves is just sticking the tape to the skin then hooking it up with the bra to position it. The good thing is that the adhesive tapes are gentle on the skin and you do not have to worry about any reactions. The skin surface should be clean and dry to get the best adhesive effects from the tapes. This is to ensure that the tapes will stay in place and not just slide off. To add to the adhesive power, one can also tape the outer portion of the bra to the inside of your clothes, but this works best with clothes or dresses that are not transparent. You will surely not want everyone to be seeing through.

-Attach it to the dress:

This is a more radical move, but it does work. Get your tailor to sew the interior sections of the bra to your dress but ensure the back of the dress conceals the posterior of the bra. This measure is widespread among women, and you can also consider it.

sewn in strapless bras

-Utilize the convertible strap: 

Virtually all the strapless bras in use today have convertible straps that come with them. Interestingly, these convertible straps are there to ensure the bras do not fall. Just swing them around the brand from below the cups and link them up. Another thing that can be done with the removable straps is to ensure that they are located as close to the lower outline of the bra as possible so that it remains flat. Once this position is attained, the next thing is to fix it firmly against the chest. The tighter this is done, the better the results one will get with the bra cups.


Even though it can be very frustrating for so many women, who have to battle daily. From how to go about ensuring their bras do not fall off while they are dancing at parties to having a pleasant time with friends at social events. The summary of it all is that from all that has been discussed in the previous sections of this article, all hope is not lost.

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