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How to Safely Use a Silicone Bra?



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Silicone bras are some of the best choices if you wish to wear backless dresses but the fact is how safe it would be? You can read to know if you wear silicone bra, would it lead to any side effects and how you can safely wear silicone bra.

Silicone bra makes life quite easy because of its comfort features. Without having the strap getting dug in the skin back and shoulders, the adhesive silicone-based bra can offer sufficient comfort and support for breasts making them retain their normal shape. This would be a fine solution when you’re looking to have a lower neckline and a lovely backless dress. The main feature of silicone bra is that it is doesn’t have a strap and it is available with silicon material stored in a cup. Such adhesives that are present in a cup would hold the bra in position. However, such adhesive silicone bras aren’t recommended for day to day use.

Some common troubles faced when you wear silicone bra are:

Would lead to irritation of the skin

Sometimes silicon cups have low-quality material and skin rashes happen with irritation. Using this regularly also causes allergy to some women. Some effects of allergic reactions to the adhesives in these materials are irritants to the skin.

Problems for Breathability

Silicon is all about less breathability and using the bra materials leads to breast discomfort upon using for higher duration. Low breathability results in skin irritation.

Bacterial Growth

As outer bra part is composed of dust, sweat and plastic stick-on the skin as well as on bra surface while increasing the growth of bacteria. If bra isn’t clean and you’re using it on regular basis, then it would also lead to bad odor. Thus it’s recommended to often clean adhesive bra.

Tips for Safely Using Silicon Bras

With these essential tips you can avoid any issues that are associated with its use:

Don’t put it on for higher than 8 hours

Wearing adhesive silicone material bra wouldn’t be advisable for up to eight hours mark as it would lead to irritation of the skin with rashes and product gets glued to the skin.

Select the right size

Similar to a regular bra, you must be sure that you’re purchasing a silicone bra with the right size. This must not be quite tight or loose as well.

Before you wear the bra, make sure to not apply lotion

Before putting on bra makes sure that your skin is completely dry. To ensure this you shouldn’t apply any perfume, lotion or moisturizer. Upon application of lotion or moisturizer, it would become quite difficult for the bra to stick on the skin in the right manner. Also, you must not make use of silicone bra for damaged and broken skin.

Make sure to clean the bra

Regular cleaning is required for the silicone bra that you use on a daily basis. This can be done with warm water and mild soap. With this, you easily get rid of sweaty odor and dirt while keeping it completely free from any form of bacteria. Silicone bra shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine.

Cleaning skin before putting on silicone bra

It’s essential to clean adhesive bra or the skin or else have a bath before you use an adhesive based silicone bra. With this, you remove dirt and perspiration from the skin, which is a common cause for irritation of the skin. You shouldn’t forget to wipe the skin through a towel or cloth before you wear a silicone bra.

Be sure to look out for leakages

You shouldn’t wear a silicone bra with leakages or the ones that show signs of getting worn out. Significant risks are posed by silicone leakages to health and such things must be discarded immediately. It’s essential to avoid leakages to remain on the safer side and you must regularly replace the silicone bras while not letting these get old real quick.

Make sure to select Silicone Bras with Extensions

A few silicone bras get extensions on the side making these comfortable and simple to wear for long hours. Also, these bras would provide bustier girls with more support, hold and offer secure feelings while sporting daring outfits and dresses.

Taking Care of Your Adhesive Bras

Backless adhesive silicone-based bras are typically available with medical-grade friendly adhesive making the cup quite sticky. Whenever you apply stick-on bras it does stick on the skin, a little bit gets stuck with adhesive. Due to this, it would be vital to wash cups after a single wear. These get designed for multiple wears, and you can have a minute for washing cups that would be completely worth.

Washing adhesive bras

Washing adhesive bras with mild soap and tap water is essential after a single usage. Make sure to not have bleach, alcohol and other solutions to clean adhesive bra. You can hold cups under running tap water while using your hand palms and clean these with a circular motion. You shouldn’t soak it in water or machine wash. You shouldn’t use brush or fingernails for scratching the surface as it permanently damages adhesive. It’s better to shake off a lot of air and water dry after leaving adhesive faced up.

Avoid machines or towels for drying. After getting dried, you can cover this with lid for the prevention of fiber and dust on adhesive while affecting its quality.

How to Store your adhesive bras?

Protection of adhesive is the most vital thing to take care of, here we advise you to store the adhesive bra, either in a box available with it or through using bra storage care. Adhesive bras must be secured and protected during journeys as pressure from other items changes the shape of the bra. Bra storage cases can significantly help in this regard.

Other than that the quality of your silicone bras can be affected by various other things as well. If you’re using lotions, gels, oils, and creams on the body before you apply these cups, the bra wouldn’t stick on the skin in place as moisture in such products would be repellent for adhesive. The cup moisture would affect the adhesive and its future requirement unless you’re completely getting rid of this.

The adhesive quality can also get affected by wearing adhesive bras directly underneath mohair and wooly garments. Such fiber garments would stick to cup sides and removing these would become quite hard. Thus, it’s recommended to always wear tank top or camisole between woolly sweater and bra.

Despite taking good care and even after you clean an adhesive bra regularly, these bras don’t guarantee to last forever. If the adhesive isn’t feeling sticky, then it’s time to dispose of it and look out for new backless silicone bras.

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