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How to wear silicone bra to make it stronger



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Now all kinds of open-back dresses and off-shoulder dresses are becoming more and more popular. You may be ready to own or already have a dress but you may wear silicone bra as wear ordinary underwear. You will find that a silicone bra cannot be firmly attached to the chest. Please consider that the silicone bra does not have a shoulder strap to help fix the two cups. It only depends on the silicone inside to fix and then slide off. Don’t worry, you should learn how to wear silicone underwear correctly. It may take some time, but in practice, you can easily learn it.

How to wear a silicone bra

1. make sure it is dry

Moisture is the biggest factor behind silicone bras that lose their stickiness. If you are used to applying lotion on your body after bathing, you need to remind yourself not to apply it on the day when you wear silicone bra, just use a towel to wipe off the moisture to keep your chest dry and cool. For maximum stickiness, wash your chest and hands with soap or detergent to prevent moisture or oil from getting anywhere on your chest and hands. In fact, products such as body oils, perfumes, and sunscreens can affect the viscosity of silicone.

2. Attach the front cover

Find the connection point between the two cups, then lay the bra flat to form a straight line at the bottom. You will find a “V” shaped space between the two cups. Sit the connection points of the cups symmetrically in the middle of the breast to ensure that the bra is in the correct position, as this positioning will determine how much support and shape you get. It is best to perform the operation in front of the mirror to be able to easily see your movements and help to find the correct measurement position, otherwise, you may end up with uneven breasts or looking skewed and repeating work.

3. Wear bra

Find the clear plastic film and tear it off, but don’t discard it, set them aside for use after the bra. Turn the sticky side outwards and hold the edges so that the silicone-free part is centered above the nipple. Use one hand to square the other part of the cup on the skin, and slowly slide from the bottom to the top to expel excess air until it fits the breast completely. Then, repeat another bra.

wear a silicone bra

4. Adjust the position

You may have trouble wearing a bra unless you are already familiar with how to wear it and use it multiple times. If the sticky side of the bra is sticking under the arm, first fix the cup in place, and then align the misaligned side with the skin. If your bra is in trouble when fitting, it’s okay, peel off the cup carefully and try fitting again, it won’t hurt anymore. Repeated attempts to find the best position to make the chest comfortable. When wearing a bra, make sure that the positions of the two cups are the same, otherwise, it will be skewed or the buckle will not be secure.

5. Raise Bust

When fitting the bra, you can point the hook downward to increase the bust. After the two cups are fastened together, this will form a vertical upward lifting force, which will produce the effect of pushing and pulling the breast upwards and a greater support force. If you want to gather the breasts together for a fuller shape, then you just need to point the two hooks down, keeping both sides away. The farther away it is, the better the effect is, but don’t get too far away so that the hooks cannot snap together. If you don’t want to lift the bust, you just need to place the hooks up and snap them together.

If your bra style is not enough, you can decide how to wear the bra according to your clothes. Your dress can cover the breasts and buckle the buttons of the bra, but if the dress is a V-neck, you can place the buttons up or down and not tie them together without affecting the effect of the dress. At the end of the day, remember to remove the bra and clean it.

How to remove and maintain a silicone bra

clean a silicone bra

Unbutton the bra. Don’t tear the bra directly at one time, it will pull the breast and cause breast sensitivity. Please wash with soap or neutral detergent and dry your hands first, then loosen the button of the bra, this will allow better movement and reduce skin irritation.

Strip the bra. Grasp the top edge of the bra with your hands and pull straight down instead of pulling the skin outward. Be careful not to pull hard, keep the adhesive as close to the skin as possible to minimize skin pulling and reduce discomfort. Be patient, peel off the bra slowly, and pulling quickly may tear the bra and even hurt your breasts.

Clean the bra. Wash the bra after each use, as this may keep the silicone bra tacky and can be used repeatedly. Dip the bra in a soap-soaked sink, then gently massage the sticky part to clear the grease and skin cells attached to the bra; rinse the bra with a gentle stream of water to clear all soap bubbles. Be careful not to damage the silicone with your nails and damage the bra’s stickiness.

Dry bra. With the adhesive part of the bra facing up, let it air dry in a ventilated place. Avoid using towels, hairdryers or dryers to dry the bra, as the fabric on the towel will stick to the adhesive and make the bra lose its stickiness, and the high temperature will make the adhesive soften and deform and even curl.

Place the bra. After the bra is completely dry, cover the adhesive part with the transparent film removed before, and put it back in the original box of the bra to avoid being deformed by being squeezed. If you don’t have a box, you can place the bra where it will not be squeezed or use another box, but make sure the box is dry. If the transparent film is thrown away or torn, you can use a plastic wrap or another peelable film.

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