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Ladies, do you have an adhesive bra?



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How important is an adhesive bra to women, now let’s take a look!

In a passionate summer:

As soon as summer arrives, more and more clothes can be worn, and the proportion of exposed body area is also growing! Especially when wearing a sling, strapless, tube top and other styles of clothing, as long as you wear a comfortable dress, you will not even wear a bra, thick cups, sponge mats…

Women’s scented shoulders, collarbone, slim waist, chest, these most elegant parts, revealing your unique charm and attractiveness. Whether you want to show a good figure, or hide it, you must first know the bra very well. Women should be exquisite and graceful. When you choose a bra, you must choose a comfortable one, so that your body will not be shaped.

Some people will think that the summer clothes are relatively thin and light, and the necessary suspenders will not make the body parts too exposed? So wearing an adhesive bra can completely solve this problem.

In this case, where you don’t want to have a bra exposed, an adhesive bra becomes your best dressing partner, which not only protects the key parts but also avoids the embarrassment without bra. It also gathers the chest well, shaping the perfect chest while protecting the privacy and rejecting embarrassment.

In the fascinating late night:

At the late-night, the old man and the child had already slept, and the young parents had to take a break after checking the child’s homework. What a peaceful and quiet night! But there is such a place, late night is the beginning of a happy life, that is, bar and disco. Here, some people sway their bodies with the rhythm of music in the flickering and colorful light; some people are chatting happily with glasses of wine; some of the newly-known new friends are warmly introducing and understanding each other. In short, everything here is completely different from the daytime. There are no boring classes, a boring job or parent’s jealousy. There are only wine, light, music and a group of like-minded people, familiar classmates and colleagues, as well as new friends, waiting

to know. It is also a place where ladies show their charm. They throw away the monotonous and tidy professional suits and put on their favorite camisoles, suspenders, tube tops, and off-the-shoulders to show their unique beauty. Here you can choose invisible bras, nipple covers or some flesh-colored bras to match those beautiful skirts. The adhesive bra is the best accessory to keep the clothes intact, and the good adhesive bra can also wrap the skin softly and firmly.

At a grand, formal dinner or wedding:

With the bright lights and the elegant violin, the gorgeous ladies and gentlemen are talking freely and happy. Looking forward, the lady who wears off-the-shoulders, tube tops, and deep V evening gowns must be the focus of attention. These clever ladies use the adhesive bras to protect the privacy of the place while showing the beautiful and proud body. This occasion seems to be a bit low if you use a transparent shoulder strap, so choosing a high-quality adhesive bra is more suitable for revealing shoulder or beautiful back. Ladies should be bold to show off the beautiful skin!

In this way, the adhesive bra is indispensable for the ladies. After all, the adhesive bra is a bra that sticks to the chest, so I believe that the most concerned questions are:

Question 1: Will the adhesive bra fall off the chest?

The answer is that the general situation will not fall, but there will still be a drop.

Then why does the adhesive bra fall?

Adhesive bra, also known as silicone bra, is composed of two pieces of silicone and front buckle, which are directly attached to the body. So whether it falls or not has a lot to do with the material.

  1. Viscosity weakening

The glue used in the silicone bra is divided into AB glue, medical-grade glue, super glue, and biological glue. The worst of them is AB glue, which will disappear completely after about 30-50 times. The biological glue has good viscosity and can be used repeatedly for about 3,000 times, which is difficult to drop naturally. Whether the silicone bra will fall depends largely on the viscosity of the glue.

  1. High-temperature environment

In high-temperature environments, such as the seaside, saunas, etc., the human body produces a lot of sweat due to high temperatures. The silicone bra is impervious, causing the sweat in the chest to fail to drain properly and will directly penetrate the silicone bra. This affects its viscosity and causes the silicone bra to slip.

  1. Strenuous exercise

Although the silicone bra can stick to the chest itself, it still can’t stand the external strenuous exercise. For example, running, bouncing, dancing, etc., these sports are likely to cause the silicone bra to fall. And exercise can cause the body to sweat, which reduces the friction between the chest and the silicone bra, which makes the silicone bra easier to fall, and the service life will be shortened.

adhesive bra

However, the newly purchased silicone bra is very sticky and generally does not fall. Here I would like to recommend you a good quality bra brand – Niidor. Niidor best gel adhesive bra backless is made of medical-grade silicone that does not harm the skin. It gives the maximum lift without offering the binding feeling of a traditional bra. Besides, there is no such thing as bra falling off since Niidor silicone stick-on bra is quite sticky.

Question 2: How to choose an adhesive bra?
  1. The silicone bra is directly pasted with highly viscous silicone. Due to the lack of lifting force of the shoulder strap, the requirements for high elastic fabrics are higher.
  2. Choosing an adhesive bra by your breast type: If you are a small breast, then almost any type of sticky bra is great. If you are a big breast, you may choose lightly padded silicone bra or bras with straps or side wings. Adhesive bras of this brand Niidor can satisfy all chest types, whether you are a big breast or a small chest, or asymmetric, bell shape…
  1. Choose according to your dress: If you want to wear a deep v dress, it is best to choose this style deep u / v plunge. If you want to wear a tube top dress, then many styles are suitable: outer fabric, front clasp or nipple covers.
Question 3: How to wear an adhesive bra?

The first step is to prepare for wearing:

  • Do not apply any skincare products on the night before and on the day with an adhesive bra to avoid falling off.
  • Wash your breasts before wearing a bra and wipe it off with a towel to keep it dry.
  • Do not leave water stains on your chest to prevent the silicone bra from falling off!

 The second step is to distinguish the left and right cups:

For the newly purchased invisible bra, the first task is to distinguish between the left and right cups. The inner layer is sticky and the outer layer is not.

The third step is to wear one side at a time.

When wearing, turn the cup outward, place the cup at the angle to be placed, and the lower edge of the bra begins to stick to the next centimeter of the chest. It is recommended that novice friends can look in the mirror according to the position. If the position is not fixed and the bra is repeatedly torn, it will cause the viscosity to decrease and shorten the service life. After finding the right position, gently use the fingertips to smooth the edge of the cup on the chest, then press it for ten seconds to fix it, and then repeat the same action on the other side. To look more perfect, the cup should be placed at a higher position on the chest and the connecting buckle should be lowered 45 degrees to bring out your chest.

The fourth part, the buckle connection.

Adjust the position on both sides to maintain the chest symmetry, then buckle the adhesive bra link.

Besides, in the official website of the brand Niidor has a very detailed graphic description, including how to clean the adhesive bra, size chart guide, etc. If you are interested, you can go in and have a look. 


Need to pay attention:

  • Adhesive bras allow the chest to gather but do not allow the sagging chest to return to its original position. So some ladies with sagging breasts should not use adhesive
  • Adhesive bras should not be worn a too long time.
  • Ladies with damaged skin, lactation, and skin allergies are not suitable for wearing adhesive


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