Abalone Shape Silicone Bra Inserts Enhancement Pads

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The backside of each bra inserts silicone fit well along the curves of the chest, which close to the bra to prevent shifting and falling and stay in place well.

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100% medical grade silicone with high quality, which is waterproof, durable, comfortable, washable, and reusable. They are soft to the touch and mold well with your body.

These abalone shape silicone bra inserts pads are designed for most of the breast. The backside of each bra inserts silicone fit well along the curves of the chest, which close to the bra to prevent shifting and falling and stay in place well.

The bra pads feel like a second skin, you’ll forget that you are wearing them and nobody will realize your little secret!

Hand washed in cool water with mild soap and air dry. Once dry, store your bra in its original packaging and/or apply plastic cling wrap on the adhesive to protect it from dust and lint.

About 100 times.

Any Bras or Swimsuit


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25 Replies to “Abalone Shape Silicone Bra Inserts Enhancement Pads”

  1. christy gehring

    I cannot even begin to say how much I love this bra! I am a D cup, to put on, I lean forwarding, my breasts fall into the cup and I lift and stick to my chest where I want. I cannot wear a regular bra anymore because I feel like I am being squeezed around my rib cage and I feel like my shoulders are going to fall off! I highly recommend that you get this invisible bra! It will change your life, it did mine! Not to mention, it looks amazing under clothes! No seams!

  2. Desiree Neves

    They are very suitable for my regular bra and sports bra. It’s really light, and it doesn’t move around when I exercise. I noticed that when I wear the enhancer, I get more praise. It is smooth under my bra. I no longer need heavy padded bras. Thank goodness!

  3. Adam John

    I am writing this review for people like myself. I’m a 34A with a small frame. I wear a size 0 in pants and an xs in tops. I was worried the medium would be too wide for my frame but It was perfect. More importantly l was able to wedge these into the insert portion of some of my sports bras! It’s always been so hard to hide a flat chest when I teach yoga but not anymore! I also don’t have to worry about the inserts slipping out. Haha! (Which would be beyond embarrassing) BUY THESE PRONTO!

  4. Susan Barrett

    I had breast cancer and had mastectomy these bra inserts worked really well for me…they are super comfortable

  5. ialobster

    Purchased to fill our cups in swimwear (the swimwear just comes in a “standard” cup size). Very pleased with silicone padding. Can place it anywhere within the cup and it stays put…even in the pool! Comfortable against the skin too. Now occasionally adding to some bras that I need more lift and filling (due to weight loss + ageing/gravity combo). Would work for a younger woman wanting to enhance her curves.

  6. Cherilyn McCook

    i love them. they really DO add two cup sizes. and nobody can tell you have them in is the best part. they are comfy to wear and stay in place really well.

  7. Ruth Vasquez

    This is probably the coolest thing I have ever purchased. I was very skeptical because I honestly didn’t even know these existed. I bought it for my sister’s wedding because my dress is completely open in the back, but I needed a little support! Reusable. Super easy to apply. So comfortable that I couldn’t even tell I had anything on. Would highly recommend for any of you ladies who needs some support with an outfit that has an open back!!! I am a size 36C If that helps!

  8. Geselle

    Although they are what they are, they are shaped oddly to me and they twist in the bra pocket which made them uncomfortable so I stuck them in a drawer until I figure a solution, maybe some tape would hold them in place. I will update when I do!

  9. Eliza

    I actually bought these to help the healing process after my breast reduction. I put them in the freezer for a couple of hours then insert them into my spots bra. You do get a nice natural lift and they do have no slip contact on your skin. They will stay put and look good! And help my boobies heal.😁

  10. Happyguy

    The inserts are just enough to lift and add some size. They haven’t slipped out so no worry there. I do recommend them if you want a little added but don’t want to use full forms.

  11. Kelsey Lear

    Seriously, having a large chest can really put a damper on trying to wear cute shirts in the summer. Some shirts you can’t wear a bra with and going bra less is 100% not an option so I heavily rely on sticky bras. I definitely prefer the silicone feeling ones over the cloth ones and this bra just reinforces that opinion. It sticks so well and is completely invisible, even under the clingiest shirts I own. Another huge bonus is the nipple covers! I have used many different types over the years and have found that the silicone ones can sometimes look “puffy” under certain shirts. No thank you. These covers are thin and,again, can not be seen under clingy clothes at all. They really come in handy if you know you will be outside and run the risk of sweating off your bra since the nipple covers do not have that issue.

  12. Jolene

    First of all, I think all these clear silicone cutlets on here are the exact same as I ordered 2 from different companies and they are identical to each other. My tip is to go for the cheapest ones you can find since I have a feeling they are all the same.

    Anyway, in a bikini you may want to be careful especially based on the type of top you are wearing (I normally wear the classic triangle). You can kind of see part of the cutlet at the bottom or the type of the bikini top since the cutlet is a bit too large for the top. I made it work by making my top tied a bit tighter than I normally would keep it, but I probably wouldn’t wear this with a bikini (I would die if people realize I wore cutlets in a swimsuit lol). I included a picture of me in a bikini. I had to be very strategic in how I placed them in. I should have pulled the top up higher and tighter because you could see where the bottom of my boobs end lol.

    That said, it looks really good in a normal bra and is a good alternative to those silicone sticky strapless bras (some people love them, I don’t), and will last you much longer.

    I’m a 36B and when wearing this I look like a full C or small D. I also tried to see how different I would look if I put 2 sets in. It looked like I stuffed that way because the weight was too much for the top lol.

    I go back and forth with getting implants (I’m more towards no), but this definitely helps me to feel sexier and more in proportion (I’m one of those freakier chubby girls who defied the odds and wasn’t the most well endowed…).

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