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The best adhesive bra choices for every type of clothes



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The annual Christmas is coming. Are you buying or have gifts for family, friends and colleagues? But, friend, and you bought a gift for everyone around you, shouldn’t you buy a sweet gift for yourself? Hurry up and buy a gift for yourself while Christmas.

As girls, we may buy various types of clothes for the pursuit of avant-garde fashion, such as backless clothing, V-neck clothing, low-breasted clothing, etc. At this time we need to understand the types and uses of various bras in order to choose the right come to form a perfect match with clothes, do not have to give up your favorite clothes because you don’t know how to choose the type of underwear. Let’s buy the right underwear as a thoughtful Christmas gift, which can keep fashion and protect breast health.

How to choose adhesive bra based on clothes?

1. Backless clothes. Backless clothes have been in fashion and will never be forgotten. Wearing open-back clothes, you can choose to strapless backless bra pushup sticky self adhesive bras, use the stickiness of bra to cover the breasts to keep them together, and perfectly display the beautiful back. When the weather is hotter in summer, you can choose a breathable adhesive bra. There are 40 vent holes in the bra, which can sweat in time, keep the chest dry, and avoid the phenomenon of underwear falling due to excessive sweating.

backless bra

2.V collar clothes. If your clothes are V-neck attractive style, you can choose U-shaped underwear without straps. It has steel rings to support the breasts and cover the nipples. It can also support the cleavage. At the same time, the “wings” attached to the side are also sticky, which can fix everything without shaking and maintaining comfort. However, if your clothes are deep V-neck, split-to-belly style, you can choose two-piece sticky underwear like breast lift tape silicone adhesive push up to cover the nipples perfectly. At the same time, stick the circle with fashion tape to prevent the skirt from moving and revealing the underwear.

V collar clothes

3. Off-the-shoulder clothes. There are many bra choices for off-the-shoulder clothes, which can be fixed without straps. However, if your chest is relatively large, it is best to choose bra with supportive rims to maintain the shape of the chest. And the larger size of the bra has been easier to keep the chest gathered for a long time, creating a perfect curve, so that you become an avant-garde fashion girl, become the focus of the party.

Off-the-shoulder clothes

4. Transparent clothes. If your clothes are transparent in a large area and are not suitable for wearing bra with a large area, you can choose the breast lift pasties self adhesive silicone, which is suitable for almost all clothing styles, and can perfectly fit the nipple to prevent the shape of the nipple from showing out of the clothes. The color of the bra is best to choose a color that perfectly matches the color of the body or the color of the dress, so that the underwear is invisible, and no bad situation will occur.

Transparent clothes

5.Sports bra. If you like running, be sure to choose sports bra for your chest. When girls are exercising, her chest will move up and down, causing abrasions and strains on the breast, which will badly affect breast health. Sports bra can support the chest and reduce chest vibration. It also protects the chest during exercise.

Sports bra

Niidor’s silicone bra series use medical grade silicone, which will not cause allergies to the skin and is not good for breast health. Niidor’s adhesive bra is strong enough to lift the chest without any pain. At the same time, the bra is very sticky and will not fall off easily. The bra is lightweight and provides comfort and can be worn all day. After removing the bra, there is no residual adhesive on the chest, and if properly washed and stored, it can be reused multiple times.

Cleaning and storing viscous underwear is not complicated and only requires simple steps

1. Prepare warm water and bowls . Warm water can remove grease and dirt better than cold water. Prepare at least enough water to immerse your bra.

2. Use detergent or soap. Put soap or detergent into the water to form soapy water. Before cleaning bra, you should first check or consult the requirements of the cleaning agent, and choose the cleaning agent recommended by the business. If the business does not require a specific underwear cleaner, you can use soap or your own cleaner.

3. Wash the bra. Clean the silicone part of the oil in a circular motion with your fingers to remove grease and dirt; then put all the bra in the water to clean the other parts. Pay attention to avoid scratching the bra when washing your nails. The silicone of the bra will damage the silicone and weaken the viscosity of the silicone.

4. Rinse. After washing the bra with soapy water, rinse the bra under the faucet, knowing that there is no foam at all. It is also best to use warm water for cleaning.

5. Dry. Let the bra dry naturally and lay it flat on a flat surface. Do not wipe the bra with a towel or paper towel, as it will leave towel or paper debris on the bra. Do not use a hair dryer to blow the bra, otherwise the silicone part of the bra may melt and can no longer be used.

6. Storage. Use the original packaging of the store to store it separately. Do not store it with other bras, otherwise, the viscosity of the bra will weaken. If the original packaging is lost, the bra may be stored in a dry plastic box.

Many businesses are now conducting discount promotions during Christmas, attracting many people to buy as gifts for Christmas, thanking family and friends, but don’t forget to buy a Christmas gift for yourself Let’s buy gorgeous clothes and suitable underwear as gifts for Christmas.

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