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Things to know before starting Pilates to beginner



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Pilates is a more popular way of fitness among women, similar to yoga exercises, but Pilates pays more attention to core strength exercises than yoga focuses on the integration of body and mind. Pilates has the benefits of stretching and lengthening the muscles of the body, increasing physical flexibility, increasing balance and strength. Fortunately, it is suitable for everyone regardless of age or fitness level, and even beginners can use a variety of equipment or weight for exercise reshape your body.

What is Pilates

Pilates is an exercise method designed to strengthen the core strength of the body and improve flexibility, similar to yoga, developed by the creator Joseph Pilates in 1920, and inspired by yoga, aerobics, and ballet, so he said Pilates emphasizes the balance between body posture, core strength, and body muscles. Pilates requires concentration during exercise, and it controls the body through precise postures and regulates breathing to improve physical health. The general Pilates class lasts 45-60minutes. You need to prepare comfortable yoga clothes, mats, towels, water, and elastic bands, balls and other props (you will have them in the studio; if you do it at home, Need to buy these items).

Benefits of Pilates

Whether starting on a mat or training with a special reformer, you can gain the benefits on the first day of practice, and it doesn’t take a while to see the results of fitness like other sports.

1. Enhance core strength

Pilates’ most important function is to strengthen the core strength of the body, which is also the effect that many fitness programs want to achieve. The core strength is the ability to maintain the correct spine and pelvis while physically active. With the popularity of smart devices, many people are obsessed with these devices, causing problems with spinal curvature. Pilates exercises have an effect on the back, abdomen, and pelvic muscles and can help correct curved spines. In addition, according to the data in the《Medical》magazine, 36 weeks of Pilates training can effectively improve abdominal muscles and help eliminate muscle imbalances on both sides of the abdomen, which means that Pilates can exercise the abdominal muscles to obtain lean muscles, making The belly became slimmer.

2. Relieve back pain

Pilates advocates focusing on the deeper muscles of the waist and abdomen during exercise, giving key areas of the neck, back, and buttocks strength and helping to improve body posture and reduce back and waist pain. The deep core muscles of the back can provide support during exercises and help stretch the muscles that strain the back to relax the back muscles and reduce backpressure. In addition, Pilates can resolve potential waist, abdomen and back strength and muscle imbalances. These potential imbalances are easily overlooked and become hidden factors for poor posture and back pain. Such activities as rolling up and preparing the swans can help to strengthen the strength and support of the spine of the gun, and effectively prevent the spine of the body in daily life (such as carrying a heavy briefcase, single-hand luggage, etc.)

back pain

3. Improve stiff body

We may stay seated or play with your phone for a long time after joining the job, and you will find that your body will become stiff after finishing your workday. The stiffening of the body is a sign of decreased flexibility, which can cause great harm to our health. Unilateral Pilates exercises with alternating left and right legs can effectively improve body balance, improve leg flexibility and control, reduce the risk of injury, and the body can respond quickly when accidents occur to minimize injuries. Pilates exercises will stretch the limbs, allowing the trunk to twist from side to side, back and forth, and expand the scope of the body’s movements. At the same time, there are special movements for each part of the body that can be exercised to enhance the ability to control the body and greatly improve the body. The flexibility of each part improves the balance of the body.

4. Reduce stress

When doing Pilates, you need to maintain your concentration and focus your brain activities on exercises, and this can help the brain divert attention and forget the stress of life and work. In addition, Pilates and Yoga also pay attention to the regulation of breathing, combining breathing and exercise, helping the central nervous system of the brain to release signals for relaxation and sedation, in order to achieve the effect of relaxing stress. Data shows that more people in the United States insomnia each year because of excessive stress. Pilates can help reduce stress, help to fall asleep, and improve sleep quality. In fact, you may find that if you have good sleep the night before, the next day It will keep a happy mood and an active brain, improve work efficiency and even reduce mistakes, so Pilates is also an effective way to relieve stress.

5. Keep a good mood

When doing Pilates exercises, you will burn a lot of calories and keep a slender figure. A good figure can increase self-confidence, which is beyond doubt. And Pilates reduces the production of “stress hormones” such as cortisol, while increasing “excitatory hormones” such as endorphin reduces anxiety, helps release the nervous brain, and makes you feel good. Pilates can also improve your ability to resist stress and adapt to stress through difficult and intensive training, reduce the negative impact of stress on your brain, and thus maintain a good mood. It can also help you from a busy life or high stress Stripped away from your work environment, feel calm or enjoy with friends doing Pilates exercises together.

How to start Pilates

As a beginner, if you have enough budget, you can choose a Pilates studio near your home to start your Pilates training. The coaches will develop the appropriate course according to your fitness level. If you want to practice Pilates at home, you can search the video of the Pilates lesson on the Youtube and follow the video to practice. This is a very convenient and cheap way.

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