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Wear a Bra to Sleep? Is it Right?



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Wear bra to sleep or not?

Wearing a bra to bed at night has always being a cause for argument among womenfolk for several decades, and today, the debate still rages on. Some will argue that the practice of retiring to bed with a bra on helps to firm up the breast and to prevent sagging. Others argue against its use by bringing up the potential harm wearing a bra at night can cause. In light of all these arguments for and against this practice, should you wear a bra to bed at night? Is the argument that bras protect the shape of your breast validly or is it just another rumor that has refused to go away? Are there any potential risks inherent in wearing bras when you go to bed? In this article, we will explore the topic in detail, and hopefully, in the end, you should be able to draw your conclusions.

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How sleeping in a bra affects your body?

To begin with, there is no scientific proof to support the argument that wearing a bra at night can sharpen your breast in the long run. Besides that, the negative effects of sleeping in bras have long being a topic for researchers over the years, and if you take your time to search for leads online, you are likely to come across several editorials and research papers addressing the issue in detail. While sleeping in bras may not be a bad thing, it may lead to specific health problems if proper care is not taken. If you sleep in a bra, here are some of the negative effects it may have on your body. These effects may or may not apply to everyone who sleeps with bras.

Impact blood flow:

The plain answer is no because tight bras compress your muscles and negatively impact your nervous system. Bras that are very tight may prevent blood from circulating as well as it should, and this may lead to chest and back pains including several other physical complications such as cramps. The quality of oxygenated blood is better if it is allowed to flow freely and tight bras inhibit blood flow.

Irritates your skin:

Bras can also be skin irritants which may lead to lessons and cysts if worn for long periods. Often, women who sleep with bras may not feel the effects until several days, weeks or months later. If you frequently sweat especially around your chest region wearing a bra to bed may not be in your best interest.

Fungal interruption:  

If you wear a bra at night you have to be mindful of contracting fungal infection caused by moisture buildup around the skin areas where bra straps are positioned and under the bosom area. Under humid conditions, it is normal to sweat profusely when outdoors or when you are engaged in the form of physical activity. When you fall asleep under intense heat, you tend to sweat even more and if air flow is blocked sweating around the chest area is inevitable.

Sleep discomforts:

Bras are supposed to be tight enough to hold the breast in place, but they may lead to sleep discomfort if they are too tight or are made of fabrics that irritate your skin. If you have very sensitive skin, sleeping in bras will most likely make you uncomfortable. The frequent twisting and turning may not do you much good if you are trying to catch some sleep after a long day of work.

Skin discoloration:

Skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation refers to the presence of dark spots or an uneven skin tone. This condition is caused by an increase in melanin pigment in certain skin regions especially in areas that are protected from air and sunlight. Wearing bras at night may increase melanocytes cells responsible for producing pigment in your breast area leading to unpleasant skin color.

Photo source: unsplash

Benefits of not wearing a bra to bed

Not wearing a bra to bed has several benefits such as

Sleep Improvement:

Not wearing a bra to bed can aid sleep in ways you cannot even begin to imagine until you experience it first-hand (If you have been going to bed with bras for years). Sleep discomforts caused by bras can be avoided altogether by not wearing them at all.  Letting in some air under light nightwear will help in regulating your body temperature while you sleep. The comfortable you are, the better the sleep quality you will enjoy.

Improved blood flow:  

Just like we pointed out above, tight bras hold your breast in place, but they compress your chest muscles and make blood circulation a lot more difficult. Underwire bras and bras with tight straps prevent blood from circulating freely and should be avoided at all cost when indoors and most especially at night while in bed.

Reduces the risks of injuries:

Injuries may occur if you have your bra on while sleeping. Cases of skin tear, red strap lines on the skin and chafing are not unheard of, and many women have had to deal with skin injuries caused by bras at some point. During sleep, we are no longer conscious of our physical environment talk less of what we are putting on. Not wearing bras during sleep is a great way to protect ourselves from potential injuries.

Skin protection:

Not if you are prepared to deal with an uneven skin tone. Not wearing bras to bed will expose your skin to fresh air and give skin cells sufficient time to regenerate themselves. This way your skin is protected from indentations and strap marks caused by tight bra straps.

A Special Sleeping Bra – Is it good for you?

one side of the bra
Photo source: Pinterest

Although there are numerous disadvantages of sleeping with bras many ladies can’t seem to do without them. It should be noted at this point that bras will not stop your breast from sagging as sagging is only a natural process of aging. However, for those who prefer using bras even while in bed, there are special sleeping bras that can be comfortably worn at night. Here are some of the reasons why sleeping with a bra on is advisable.

If you have a large breast

If you have a large breast size and you find it uncomfortable sleeping without one you may continue the practice of sleeping with a bra on provided you go for a bra that is made of a soft fabric and not too tight.

If you are not in your comfort zone

If you are going to spend the night in an unfamiliar environment, you may choose to wear one at your own discretion.

If you are not used to sleeping without one

For those who have worn bras to bed for the best part of their adult life, sleeping without wearing a bra makes for an uncomfortable night. If you are used to wearing one, consider using a spec that is just the perfect size for your breast size. Some of the features to look out for when picking a sleeping bra are

  • Soft fabrics (silk is a very good example)
  • Adjustable bra straps
  • Avoid bras with thin straps
  • Go for a perfect size

Which is better? Sleeping with or without a bra?

It is much better to sleep without a bra for several reasons some of which have been mentioned in this article but if you find it very difficult to enjoy a good night’s sleep without one endeavor to use a type that has some if not all of the featured characteristics itemized above. If you are an aggressive sleeper who twists and frequently turns at night wearing a bra may not be good for you, but if you must sleep in a bra, it is advisable that you wear one that you can be comfortable in for several hours. Waking up at intervals due to difficulty in breathing or skin irritation will not do your health any good so make sure you go for comfort above anything else. When it comes to selecting bras for sleep, comfort should be a priority and not fashion.

Should you sleep in a bra? This question is more about choice than anything else but paying close attention to the health risks and benefits of bras is also very vital. Contrary to long-held assumptions and sentiments, wearing bras at night does not improve the quality and shape of your breast in any way. If you are looking to improve the shape of your breast, you can achieve this by leading a very healthy lifestyle and performing regular physical exercises recommended by health and fitness professionals.  From a medical viewpoint, the benefits associated with not wearing a bra far outweigh the risks of wearing one but if you must retire to bed fully strapped, always go for comfort and safety over any other perceived benefit.

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