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What gift for your girlfriend at Christmas?



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Prepare a wonderful gift for your girl this Christmas!

What do you think of a romantic Christmas gift? The romance the girls are pursuing seems to make the boys feel a little bit lost, and it always feels so empty. In fact, women are animals that are born to love romance and animals that are born to be easily moved. With every action you make, every time you pay, she will impress her heart and miss it forever.

No matter if Santa has time to take care of your girlfriend, whether it is snowy that night or not, the task of acting as Santa is a must-do for her boyfriend. Prepare gifts early for your girl on Christmas Eve!

 La Mer The Renewal Moisture Collection

La Mer The Renewal Moisture Collection

This Christmas suit of the mystery of the lady-level skincare brand Hailan Mystery is super cost-effective. It contains essence cream, essence water, concentrated eye care essence, and anti-aging wrinkle-enhancing beauty essence, all of which are super popular products of the brand! And the free cosmetic bag can be used as a travel portable! The best boyfriends who want to give their girlfriends a big Christmas surprise can now go to order quickly!

 Diptyque Limited-Edition Candle Set Of Thre

Diptyque Limited-Edition Candle Set Of Thre

Diptyque’s annual Christmas limited scented candle set is back on time. From a design point of view, this time it was a mysterious night wind, but after understanding the warm meaning behind it, it was poked into the heart by this contrast. Blue stands for “happiness” and is a mixture of amber, geranium, lavender, and musk; red stands for “lucky”, a mixture of roses, cloves and fennel; green stands for “guardian”, blending the tastes of sage and basil, giving off the woody scent of Siberia and balsam fir. Is it very warm? This set of candles is designed to bring good wishes for the new year and bring good luck to everyone who lights the candles. As a Christmas or New Year gift, you get full marks!

 TOM FORD Collection Eye & Lip Set

TOM FORD Collection Eye & Lip Set

With the TOM FORD eye and lip makeup gift box, you don’t need to worry about the makeup of the Christmas party! Let’s take a look at them one by one: First of all, black tube lipstick, # 69 Night Mauve, rose bean paste color, high color rendering, moisturizing texture, yellow and white skin can be easily held, rubbing on the gentle temperament lady in seconds! The eyeshadow palette is popular in autumn and winter # 25 Pretty Baby, which can be used to draw bold smokey makeup or sexy makeup. Paired with red bean paste lipstick, she can also highlight the shine of eye makeup. Whether she can become a Party Queen is up to you!

 Fresh Hydration Ever After Gift Set

Fresh Hydration Ever After Gift Set

Fresh’s moisturizing gift set is cost-effective. The most classic soy facial cleanser (50ml), popular rose moisturizing cream (50ml), rose toner (100ml) and rose mask (15ml) are all inside, almost all of the normal size! Although the main moisturizing and moisturizing, also soothes the skin but also allows the skin to slowly restore water and oil balance. The soy face wash in the set needs to be talked about separately. The effect of the two in one can not only do daily cleaning but also remove makeup, it is just great!

 DIOR Rouge Dior Couture Refillable Jewel Lipstick Edition Gift Set

DIOR Rouge Dior Couture Refillable Jewel Lipstick Edition Gift Set

Dior’s Christmas limited lipstick set every year should be one of the most anticipated gifts for ladies. I don’t need to say how hot the Rouge Dior 999 is. This year’s set is mainly based on it plus five replacement cores, which is equivalent to buying a set with six lipsticks and a zippered cosmetic bag printed with glittering Dior words! Each lipstick has the delicate embossing of Dior, plus the smooth texture as always, it is no wonder that it has become a popular hot item every year. Men who don’t want to be tangled in the gift army for too long, don’t worry about it, it’s right to send Dior!

 ESPA Essentials Collection

ESPA Essentials Collection

ESPA is one of the most popular high-end spa skincare brands in the UK, and its products are used in the spas of many five-star hotels in London. ESPA’s entire line of products uses natural organic matter, plant extracts, no silicon, no mineral oil. It advocates the natural health and beauty of the skin, and ESPA uses only the highest quality natural ingredients. Skincare products have a scent and a good reputation. This set of gift boxes contains 7 high reputation products from pre-cleaning to post-care. Send her a full set of skincare equipment at Christmas, you are a thoughtful boyfriend!

 Jo Malone London House of Jo Malone London Gift Set

Jo Malone London House of Jo Malone London Gift Set

Hurry up and glance at your girl’s dresser to see if there is a bottle of Jo Malone perfume on it? If she is Jo Malone’s big fan, then I must highly recommend this gift box! English Pear and Freesia Spray, Linen Spray, Peony Hand Wash Body Wash, Black Pomegranate Candle, and Lime Basil Candle are surrounded by comfortable and warm aromas from body care to interior space. It looks like you can have a romantic Christmas this year!

 Gucci 1955 Horsebit Shoulder Bag

Gucci 1955 Horsebit Shoulder Bag

When I saw this Horsebit shoulder bag by Gucci, the retro taste that couldn’t be covered was rushed. It has the same lines and shapes as the old-generation products of sixty years ago, focusing on the brand’s unique horse-bit buckle details, paired with practical and wear-resistant GG Supreme fabric, a classic Monogram pattern and khaki hemming design, full of Nostalgic feeling. The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted. The interior of the bag is divided into three layers, which is a plus point. She can arrange common necessities in layers.

 SkinCeuticals Radiance Renewal Skin System

SkinCeuticals Radiance Renewal Skin System

SkinCeuticals, a niche skincare brand from the United States and part of the L’Oreal Group, is also a great gift-giving option! This set contains 4 popular products of the brand, including 30ml all-round anti-aging essence, 30ml radiant flawless essence milk, 30ml high-efficiency moisturizing sunscreen, and 30ml Retinol 0.3 wrinkle cream. The benefits of this set are not only complete products, but also better results when used together. This set focuses on removing fine lines, and it will brighten the skin tone when you stick it!

 Dr. Martens Womens 1460 Waterproof

Dr. Martens Womens 1460 Waterproof

The basic 1640 version of the Dr. Martens Martin boots are available in a new waterproof version, made with a revolutionary new double heat-sealed welt that prevents water from entering the air-soled sole. The leather on the surface is an oil-proof and waterproof fabric, which can provide all-round protection. It will not get wet weather it is rained or accidentally stepped on a puddle. In the ever-changing weather of the United Kingdom, wearing it is so good. And the high-top boots also have the effect of keeping warm. It is a personal and stylish gift.

 Acne Studios Toronty Wool Scarf

Acne Studios Toronty Wool Scarf

If your girl has n’t picked her favorite scarf this winter, why not give it to her this Christmas? Acne Studios has only Logo decoration on this scarf, which not only captures the trend of the season but also shows the innovative and simple style of the Swedish brand. In fact, this one is a redesign of the original color. It can be called a “bright version”. What remains unchanged is the degree of fashion and recognition. There are various colors to choose from, and boys can choose a suitable one according to the color the girlfriend likes.

 Niidor Adhesive Bras

Niidor Adhesive Bras

The invisible bra is a must for every girl. Girls should show their beautiful curves, so invisible bras are indispensable when wearing off-shoulders, tube tops, and backless dresses for banquets. The main product of the brand Niidor is the invisible bra. There are silicone materials and high-quality fabric materials, there are invisible bras suitable for various styles of dresses, and there are various colors to choose from. Hurry up and pick one for your girlfriend.

 Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Beaded Coin Necklace

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Beaded Coin Necklace

This lucky gold coin necklace from Elfwind jewelry brand Missoma is inspired by ancient portraits. Blending amulets, allegorical symbols, and the shape of Roman coins into a modern treasure. This 18ct sterling silver gold-plated necklace is the brand ’s most popular item, with extended chain links to create layered accessories. Simply matching a plain sweater looks great.

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