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You May Not Know! But Your Bra is No Longer in Service!

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Did you ever think from when you have bought your oldest bra that tries to solve the endless need to adjust your womanhood?

Why so miner that, don’t want to spend money on a new bra and wearing the same bra on rotation for years. !! No matter what your style how many bras should you own and what colour bras should you own?

There is no doubt that bra is the only item we think every woman requirements in her closet all year round, the bra is the only thing that every woman should have in her wardrobe. 

But wait!! We need to stop!

How long your old bra will lift your heavy things? And how many bras should a woman own that she draws from for everyday wear?

Do you know the ugly truth? It will feel make you guilty because many of us are wearing the same bra for a long time of period. 

Let’s reveals to find out when to change or buy a new bra.

woman wearing bra turn her back

Why can’t you keep bras forever?

Garments manufacturer should make a tag on bras for the expiration date. Wearing the same bra on repeated days leads to less support and less comfortable.

Let me ask you a question about how often should you change your bras? Whatever your lifestyle is! A general guide is that you should wash your bra after two or three days. Most lingerie experts recommend that a regular bra may be worn a couple of times before it needs to be cleaned.

If you are going to be a mother, —— or just pregnant, and also are going through a menopause stage, then a substantial change will back in your body and boob side area. In these periods, the body usually changes in the shape or size of your breasts.

By the way, a new mom needs a new bra. You can’t even argue on this matter. Your regular bras don’t fit that stage due to a noticeable change in the body area. Motherhood has lots of responsibility. They need extra breastfeeding bra which is also called a nursing bra.

Maternity bras should comfort new mum.

Is there any Itching on or under your breast due to bra fabric? The old bra contains bacteria that can infect and irritate the skin. So, cotton bra needs to be a wash at least once a week. Whereas sports bra needs to was after every workout. Furthermore, choose cotton fabric bra which can relieve the itch.

How long do your best bras last? If that’s no longer give you comfort and can’t take the load then, it’s time to replace.

Not all ladies can manage the cost of a top-notch bra. And also there are a variety of bra manufacturers who offer a low price to high price garments. As you know, bras are made with all different kinds of fabric (nylon, polyester, cotton, Spandex, and silk.) and materials (Tricot, Spandex, Sanpete, Latex, microfiber, satin, Jacquard, foam, mesh, and lace).

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So expend some money on the high-quality bra and try to avoid to buy the cheaper versions can be severely irritating to your breasts.

Moreover, if you gain or lose a few pounds in recent months, then it’s time to replace your bra with a new one.

Bra fabric (cotton, polyester) get pale when it’s constantly rubbing against the sweat and oils from the skin.

So, how long you prolong your bra’s life? Your boob size is still the same!! Your figure is always the same and your two years old bra still fits. And you wear it, right? 

Washing is important because some of the common bugs on our skin can become riskier and if you’re worried about hygiene.

But too much washing can damage the elasticity, which is necessary for providing proper support.

Some statistics show that larger breast with a larger cup can lead to musculoskeletal pain because a big cup size has a significant change in posture to support back.

How long should you be keeping your bras?  

How many bras should you own and how long a typical bra should be used? And are you rotating your bras every few days?

Bra’s shelf life is generally dependent on how often it’s worn. The experts recommend women must have a variety of bras in their closet. They suggest four or five basic bras should be used in constant rotation.

But if you have only two bras and you pretty much wear every day, then it needs to be changed after six months.

If you wear the same bra again and again then what will happen?

Your sweat, body oils, body lotion, etc. will make the band dirty so soon. So, it’s best to keep at least 2-3 bras that you can use randomly.

Moreover, you are wearing a bra that no longer fits due to weight loss or obesity. So, choose a bra that fit and feel good.

Agree or not, every bra will get expire even with perfect care.

After a long time of use, the bra is stretched out. But how can you tell that?

When you find that the band is riding up your back and you need to create pressure your both hands to adjust the straps tighter, and it’s time to replace it, and your bra is losing its shape and structure day by day.

lots of bras together

Are your bra’s straps always falling off your shoulders? And the strap’s hooks are also loose to fit –well it’s the result of the band stretching.

Correct band size, let you fit your finger between your back and the strap. Ideal fittings left only about an inch of stretch. If you don’t want to let your breast tissue squeezing, then choose the loose one.

But you have to choose one particular thing, the band that needs to be snug.   

Are you looking any crinkle or a permanent crease in the padding bras?

Then it’s time to say goodbye.

Well, the manufacturer offers different bras with different levels of support to the consumer, like a sports bra that minimises bounce during physical exercise.

Do you do morning exercise, aerobics, running or doing yoga or pilates?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to change the bra types according to activities.

Exercises, jumping, and workout left you sweating buckets. It becomes dirt by attaching sweating. After 10 to 12 wash sports bra became loose and can’t support you. Additionally, sports bra give you full support during a workout and your back, neck muscles will get the proper support. If you also work hard like lifting job and heavyweight workload then sports bra also balance out your weight.

A non-underwire bra mostly chosen for a long journey or travelling. This bra can easily faint after one year if you frequently use.  The convertible bra also needs a change after 6months of use.

 What are the signs that it’s time to get rid of a bra?

  1. You purchased your bra 2 to 3 years ago.The ugly truth is that most of the women cling onto old bras foryears. The fact is that a few years later you won’t get the best possible outcome from it. The proper amount of support will be less.
  1.  Straps are loose enough to support: Naturally, breasts change the size and shape over time. If your bra fitting fixed to the middle hook without any other gap, then it is ok to wear.
  1. Straps are not tight enough.Most women are wearing their bra on the tightest hook. Why!! Because it is old enough to support. And are you also pulling the band beyond the hook closures to make it tight then it’s time to retire this tired bra?
  1. The underwire has popped out doesn’t look the same as when you bought it.

The structural problem arises when the underwire is about to break. Underwire property makes and integrity between the straps and the cups.

  1.  A gap in your bra cup. Your bra cups don’t fit properly if it becomes loose. You are standing up straight, butbra cups don’t fit properly, then change it. Then there’s a gap in the cup, –mostly gap occurs with the lace bras due to stretch out.  Losing weight can reduce your boob size then you need to buy a different cup size bra.  The ideal position of the cup lies flat against your breast.
  1. The elastic in the back band has ripples

Are your elastic is stretched out? Then your bra’s back band has gained a wavy pattern or ripple effect. That means the elastic in a bra is out and stops offering support. 

hand holding bras

It is recommended that you replace your bras every 6 to 9 months.

The bra supports women’s breasts against the effects of gravity. Studies show that more than 80% of ladies have the wrong bra in their closet according to size.

Moreover, the worst case is that 70% of the women are wearing bras that are too small, while 10 per cent are wearing bras that are too big.

Proper bra care is SUPER essential for extending the life of your lingerie.

How long should you wear a bra before washing it?

Let’s dig our tips and tricks for washing your delicate –

For longer lasting bras it is recommended to hand wash bras with an alcohol-free detergent for gentle laundering.

Hand Washing -Bras (which is Recommended)

Give a new life to your bras by following a few simple steps——–

If you want to preserve the life of your garments for a long time, then we would recommend handing wash.

  1. Soak your bra (same colour) for an extended period (1 hour) in lukewarm water with some alcohol-free gentle detergent. Try to avoid harsher detergent as it can deteriorate elastic
  2. Gently rub and rinse in cold water and use the hanger to dry

Machine Washing Your Bras

Machine washing is terrible because it decreases the shelf-life of your bra. Use a mesh or lingerie bag to separate from other garments (similar colour).  Keep the cycle in cold water with a gentle detergent. After out from washing machine reshape the cups and hang to dry.

  1. Never put bras in the dryer, because it will break the spandex and shrink the elasticity length and make it harsh.
  2. Hooked your bra together, if you want to avoid snagging

How to store your bra?

You always throw your bras into the drawer!! Before the store has a clean wash and ensures to dry. If you have moulded cup bras, then you should separate those from normal your bra collection. Moulded cups will make a sign of wrinkle and bend if over an upturned or folded. Instead, buy a drawer with dividers to keep them organised and safe from damage.

Fabric tips for Laundering:

  • Microfibers like acrylic, nylon, polyester can be machine-washed on cold to warm temperatures.
  • Silk and Spandex fabric always favour cold to warm water. Chlorine bleach is prohibited for colourful bras. You can only use bleach for the white one. Cotton garments are safe on Chlorine bleach along with hot water.  Dry on high heat and hot sun.
  • Rayon garments should be handled professionally dry cleaned, but you can also do the hand wash in cold water.


bras stacked in an organized way


When you finally find a bra that fits well and can give you comfort.

But, it needs time to tune to adjust the feel of a new bra.

Are you wearing the same bra every day then you’re doing yourself a disservice?

Most women don’t think they should change the bra unless we change size.

No doubt, if you take good care of high-quality bra, it can last for years. It is always recommended replacing your bra every six months.  2 to 3 bra will give you the rotation option. And always wash them by hand with gentle detergent, and letting them air dry.

You should examine your new bra fittings and have to follow your body how you’re feeling.



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